A.K.A. That's what they said ;)

"You are amazing and the whole photo shoot was more than we could have asked for. You truly have a gift for seeing girls for who they are and capturing it. Your eye for choosing shots and locations is also a gift. Your personality was also so upbeat and bubbly (as usual) and this made Avery feel comfortable and brought her out of her shell. I am thankful for you and appreciate you more than you know!"

- Lori, Avery's mom

"This program was a wonderful experience for the girls. I believe they grew in their confidence and made friends that they would not have made had it not been for this opportunity. The photo shoots were amazing! What girl doesn't want to get her hair and makeup done and have a wardrobe picked out just for them?!?! The classes about lifestyle changes, car maintenance, safe driving, and applying makeup are just a few reasons why I love this program so much! It isn't just about being pretty and getting your pictures taken. It's about being a better you! The girls that complete this model course were already beautiful before they started. They finished the course with not only a greater sense of their beauty on the outside, but knowledge of life lessons that will help them in their futures. Just a few words on Melissa.... I get extra emotional when I think about her. Melissa has a huge vision for what she would like to achieve in the lives of seniors and I am grateful that she saw something in my daughter and gave her this opportunity. Long after these days of high school are gone, when I hear her name, I will be flooded with fond memories of a time in the life of my daughter that I got to spend with her and watch her grow. Attending the classes and photo shoots with her are times I will never forget. I got to be part of the day she had her senior pictures taken by a true friend, not just some photographer. When I look back at those pictures, I will remember that day and how much fun we had. You will get out of this program exactly what you put in to it."

- From Amy, Cami's mom

"The entire process of the senior photo shoot was so organized, exciting, and awesome! From the sign up/ choose your date, to choosing the location, the reminders for how to prepare, hair and make-up and the actual photo session. One of the things I loved the most was how special you made my girl feel.  She felt beautiful and special!  It was such a special day for me as a mom because I have learned to cherish every moment we spend together this year because she will be in college next year.  This is my second child to leave the “nest” and It is sooooo hard! You are such an encouraging individual! I have only worked with a few photographers over the years however, I was so impressed with your “eye” for beautiful backdrops and your positive, fun energy!  I love how much you do for “your girls/ team”. Taylor has really grown so much during this past year as a member of the Senior Role Model Team.  It is about confidence and courage.  I want my daughter to know that she is valuable and special and you have made her feel that way. I feel extremely comfortable referring my friends and colleagues to you and Lane! I also love Lane Barter! She is so talented and fun."

- Kelly, Taylor's mom

"My senior portrait experience was more than I could ever ask for. Working with Melissa was an amazing opportunity and she was very dependable.  I felt comfortable and excited for what she had planned for the shoot and the quality of the photographs. During the shoot I was able to connect with Melissa and not only just take pictures but share things about my life & listen to information about hers. It was nice to be myself around her and open up, so that we could have an outstanding outcome with the photos. Overall, my experience was remarkable and my pictures turned out to be stunning. Melissa is definItely the photographer I would go to again."

- Melonie

"When I posted on the Harrisburg Forum who the best photographer for senior pictures was , Melissa's name kept coming up. I now know why. Though I'm not one to write reviews, in this case I needed to make an exception to share what an amazing experience Sydney and I had. From the very 1st email Melissa was professional and easy to work with. The process from picking what session, to the day of the photo shoot was mapped out and easy to follow. Nothing was left to question. ( just make sure you read the info. I'm bad at that.) The day of the shoot was stress free and effortless on my part. Sabrina  took care of Sydney's  hair and make up.  Syd looked stunning. Sabrina has a true gift. The day of the photo shoot I was concerned Syd might  be nervous,  not the case. Melissa made Sydney feel like she was a Super Model. Every step of the way Melissa gave  her extremely useful hints and tips. They had lots of giggles and it was a fantastic bonding experience. I'm excited for Sydney to have this memory. As a mom I'm so excited to have not only the outer Beauty but the inner beauty of my daughter captured in theses pictures  for me to treasure."

- Stephanie, Sydney's mom

"Melissa, First of all, thank you so much for having me! You are so organized and helpful and I appreciate that. From the very first day to the helpful emails, I have never been confused about anything. Layne was wonderful and so talented, I loved how I looked. The location was gorgeous and my favorite part of shooting was how comfortable you made me feel! I never felt weird or awkward and you made me feel like we had known each other forever. The shots you showed me were so beautiful, you're so talented! You are running an amazing business that I will continue to recommend long after my senior year. Everything was perfect!"

- Carlee

"Gracyn's senior session with Melissa was everything we had hoped it would be. The location Melissa helped her choose brought out Gracyn's love for the rustic and natural. The professional hair and makeup enhanced her look and made her feel beautiful. Melissa is so much fun and so positive, which immediately put Gracyn at ease in front of the camera, allowing her personality to shine. Her sweetness, silliness, and easy-going confidence are in the photographs. Melissa's eye for the beauty in the surroundings, the natural lighting and the smallest details creates amazing images. Our photographs are works of art I will treasure forever!"

- Kim, Gracyn's mom