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Living my best life meant not letting anything limit my potential for being happy. This meant that I needed to take complete control of my world. While this may sound quite possessive, the truth is, that it's 100% what has worked for me. 

By taking complete control of your world, I mean that you should take full responsibility for how you handle both the positive and the negative in your life. This is because no matter what the world is going to throw at us, it is up to us to deal with it. No one else dictates our happiness. No one. 

I couldn't possibly live my best life without the positive encouragement, the knowledge, and the life experiences of those who I look up to (and who I surround myself with).  Because I know the value of the role models in my life, I want nothing more than to return the favor to you. I want to share all of the wisdom I have acquired. I want to share all of the golden nuggets of life advice that have transformed my state of mind and what has helped me become the best version of myself at this very moment!! 

Thus leading to the LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE series.

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