Choose Kind

Our effort to end girl against girl hate through our discovery of self awareness, self love, & self worth.

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It all started when…

a team member confided in me about the troubles she faced with friends. This initial conversation led to the discovery that she was not the only one facing girl against girl hate. In fact a resounding 100% of the girls on the team deal with some form of girl against girl crime every day. 

I took action by implementing The Kind Campaign into our senior role model curriculum. The Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized movement to stop this type of crime and hatred. Through the curriculum our team explores what it means to be bullied, be THE bully, and the intentional ways to be the change. 

Our movement to choose kind has only just begun.  Will you join us? Using #genuinelykind take the pledge to always make people feel appreciated and welcomed in our world. It starts with you. It starts with all of us. 


Choose Kind!

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This program is a great way for the girls to unite, to support one another, and to make a difference within their community. The program creates a safe meeting place to have open and honest dialogue about the struggles girls face.

Our goal is to empower these young girls to break down social barriers, lean on each other to create change, and show them just how beautiful they are. 

Our program is part of the solution to ending the negative ways girl treat each other. Through The Kindness Campaign we will bring awareness and healing to the lasting negative effects of girl against girl hate.

The classes will follow the curriculum from The Kindness Campaign .

It is just one of the many components of our Senior Role Model Program and Genuine Sisters Middle School Program.