Winter Blues

By design, January and February are typically the months that I do not book photo sessions.  It's usually cold and the scenery lacks the pop of color we all like in our photos.  I definitely anticipated this and planned for several business growing activities.  I have accomplished so much on my to-do list and feel a sense of relief as I move into the Spring of 2013. With that said, I get antsy about mid-February.  I am ready to pick up my camera and start shooting again.  There is nothing like being out in the open air creating beautiful images.  I think sometimes I need to move to a place where the weather is warm all year long! Hmmm.... right about now my mom is calling me telling me I should come live with her in Arizona!

Since I am not moving any time soon, I decided to find a friend who would let me take them out into the 40 degree weather and make them pose over and over so I can create beautiful images. (sounds fun, right?!)  Well, Rachel was just that friend.  I knew that Rachel still had that wedding dress available and I also knew that Rachel is a good sport.

I am beyond thrilled with outcome of our beyond freezing photo session!! Rachel is a beautiful woman and these images definitely capture her beauty.

I would like to thank Rachel for taking time on her day off to model for me! I had such a great time...especially when the stink bug attacked you!

I would also like to thank hair stylist, Kala Noelle, for your time and talent. I appreciate you taking time on your day off to style Rachel's hair for the shoot. For anyone looking for a local hair stylist you can find Kala at Salon Lashae in Concord.