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One of the best parts about being a Melissa Lynn Hunt Senior is that you get completely pampered by a very talented hair & makeup artist during your photo session.  It's an experience like no other out there and without a doubt one you will remember!  Just imagine having a professional follow you around from location to location fixing and touching up your hair and makeup whenever it's needed.  The freedom of not having to worry about how your hair looks or how your makeup is holding up for 3 hours.  A girl's dream right? Well as a Melissa Lynn Hunt Senior your dream comes true! I work with many talented and professional hair and makeup artists throughout the portrait season.  This past year I worked quite a bit with Layne Owensby of Blush Beauty Makeup.  She has been an excellent addition to my team! She is professional, hilarious, and always one step ahead of the game.  I can count on her to make sure my seniors are looking their best from one shot to the next.

Let's hear from the artist herself! Layne answered some really tough questions below.  (ok, so they aren't really tough, but I got your attention!)

How long have you been a professional hair/make-up artist?

~ I have been doing hair and makeup professionally for about two years.  I started my company once I realized how much fun this industry was and how many great people I got to meet along the way.

Is it true that you are best known for your bridal and editorial work?

~ Yes ma'am!  Most of my business is bridal and that's where I got my start professionally.  It's really rewarding to work with these ladies on their special day and  make then feel their best and most beautiful.  I have done editorial work and it is so much fun.  I get to work with amazing photographers, stylists, and publications and I get to share my work with a wide audience.  It's really cool to see your hard work published for other people to enjoy.

What do you love most about working with Melissa Lynn Hunt Seniors?

~ Oh my goodness...what DON'T I love???  Working with Melissa Lynn Hunt Seniors has been SO fun!  It's like I'm not even working.    And the girls we work with are unbelievable young ladies.  So beautiful and smart and talented!!!  I'm lucky I get to be a part of it!  These young ladies are going to make a big impact in the world someday!

What do you love most about working with Melissa Lynn Hunt?

~ Melissa is one of the sweetest people I know and she is amazing at what she does.  She's so cute, I just want to put her in my pocket and take her home with me.  She has become a dear friend and we have such a wonderful working relationship.  She truly cares about these girls and making this experience one of a kind for them.  Her work ethic, talent, ideas, and genuine personality are all things I truly admire.

What would you say to a senior who was hesitant about having professional makeup done? Especially if she is not a makeup wearer to begin with.

~ Don't be!  That's part of the fun about these photo sessions.  You get to play dress up and have someone cater to you for a while!  You'll still look like yourself!  That's something that I pride myself on.  I don't believe you have to wear 5 pounds of makeup for these photos to be beautiful.  I enhance what beautiful features you already have!  You are investing a lot of time and money into these photos and you want them to look their absolute best.  Hair and makeup complete the package.  

If you could give any makeup advice to your seniors what would that be?

~ First and foremost, start a good skincare regimen right now.  It doesn't matter  how much makeup you put on, if you don't have good skin, it's not going to look good!  You'll thank yourself when your in your thirties when you have wrinkle-free and glowing skin.  For everyday makeup, less is more!  You don't have to apply your makeup like your going to prom.  You're young and you have beautiful skin and features.  Don't cover them up!! Enhance them!  I'm a huge advocate for mascara (it's amazing what a couple coats can do to make your eyes pop), a nice tinted moisturizer or BB cream (you skin is too young for full coverage foundation), and a gorgeous gloss (no need to slather on lipstick).

What expensive makeup item is a must-have for all girls?

~ One makeup item that I think is worth splurging on is Christian Dior DiorShow Mascara.  I have been through hundreds (ok, maybe not hundreds) of different mascaras and this is the one that I'll always come back to.  The brush is wide and fluffy and allows you to apply your mascara smoothly without any clumps.  And when you apply a couple of coats...Hello Gorgeous!!!

What would be a less expensive makeup option that is just as good as the expensive stuff? ( I may reword that question in the final post)

~ NYX brand of makeup.  I love this brand.  It's very much like MAC but at a cheaper price point.  They have much of the same colors and products and even some products that MAC doesn't carry.  My favorite is the Contouring and Highlighting palette.

Do you have a most memorable senior session from last season? If so, which one and why?  

~ Oh man, this is a hard one because they were all amazing!!  All of the young ladies were beautiful and so, so sweet. But, if I had to choose one, it would be Samantha McClendon.  She was a little spitfire!  We did her shoot in Uptown Charlotte which are my stomping grounds so it was so much fun to shoot in that atmosphere.  She was up for anything and had such positive energy that it was hard not to get swept up in her excitement.  Plus, she wore this amazing leopard jumpsuit and had this bouncy blonde hair!  Such a great time!!!


This picture was taken on the very first shoot Layne and I worked together on.  It was the day I knew we'd be a good team!  Look how prepared and cute Layne is!! Y'all she is the best!!


Whether it is Layne or another artist, they are always standing close by to jump in and give a quick fix!

Caroline, was well taken care of during her Senior Portrait Session. charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0660

Layne jumps in for a little fluffing / hair boost! Take notice to Sarah's makeup.  She has a beautiful natural look, but it's done professionally so that she is camera ready! charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0652charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0653

A little hair out of place?  Never fear! We have our eyes wide open and are ready to fix when needed!

Can I also mention that Caroline Z. has THE BEST hair! charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0649

Just a little fix of the hair over the shoulder and Kendra was good to go! charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0650charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0651

I'm pretty sure this is Layne's facial expression for: "Check out that killer bold lip I just did!"

Layne is known to rock out her lip color choices! charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0659

Pony tails can be a tricky hairstyle for photographing.  Layne knows how to work that hair into a photograph read pony tail - no problem! charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0654charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0656

Sometimes Layne doubles as a professional reflector holder too.  Need I say more? charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0655

As I mentioned earlier, I work with a variety of stylists throughout the senior portrait season.  All of the talented ladies I work with are TOP NOTCH! So whether you work with Layne or someone else,  you can guarantee that I have got the best of the best taking care of you!!

After all, you are a Melissa Lynn Hunt Senior!


Melissa Lynn Hunt, Charlotte NC Photographer, is a wife, momma to Noah and a professional photographer specializing in senior portraits.

In 2009 she left behind six years of teaching kindergarten to build her photography business.  Now 5 years later, she has a desire to serve, teach, and build genuine relationships through photography. 
Melissa's non-negotiables are morning coffee time and snuggles with Noah, exercise, Chickfila, and watching The Walking Dead with Jason Hunt.   
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