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I recently featured a bridal party on the blog and I was in love with the images. The bridesmaids were styled beautifully, which allowed for some wonderful photos. You can check it out here. This inspired me to think about the trends and components that help create gorgeous fashions for bridal parties, while also complimenting the bride and the overall wedding. For this wedding inspiration wednesday I want to talk to you about pastels. The soft pink dresses Alison's bridal party wore looked amazing on the already gorgeous bridesmaids. Soft colors are a huge trend right now for bridesmaids dresses and I am a fan! Even if you don't like pastels most colors can be found in more muted tones. The softness is a great compliment to an ethereal looking bride. Bold bright colors can be distracting and can take the fashion focus off the bride. Consider a soft blush or a mint instead!


Consider these styles for your own big day! Short or long, these soft pastel dresses would be perfect for adding elegance to your wedding while complimenting your own bridal style.


Blush dress: Dorothy Perkins

Mint dress: John Lewis

Lavender dress: House of Fraser

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