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Memories are a beautiful thing, but they also fade... I know I can barely remember what I had for breakfast somedays. I would hate to have to struggle to remember some of the most important moments in my life the way I struggle to remember the little things like a simple Tuesday morning. Having your wedding day memories on hand to physically look at is a lot more important than you realize when you are overwhelmed with the big decisions and the big emotions that surround wedding planning. At the time, you may not put "Purchase Wedding Album" at the top of your To Do list, whether it is because of budget or some other reason, but later on you will probably wish you had. My clients who have purchased their wedding album ahead of time are much happier! Those who didn't make that purchase have even expressed why they wish they had. Check out what they had to say and take a peak into what might be in their own wedding albums!


"If you do not purchase [an album] from the photographer you won't end up ever making one... You should also purchase albums for both sets of parents too, you'll never end up giving them the pictures they want if you don't."

- Deeana Ryan


"Seeing your photos over a computer is one thing, but seeing them printed in an album, basically telling a story of your special day, is magical! It has been two years and I still look at my wedding album at least once a month."

- Miranda Labonte


"I really wish I had [bought a wedding album] because we still don't have one. I had planned to make books and it was much harder than I thought it would be."

- Whitney Assaid

Time sneaks up on you and everyone gets busy, so having your photographer create your wedding album is the best decision you could make!  The computer is great for a quick look, but an album enables your fairy tale ending to finally be bound in a book! Plain and simple, you should preserve your memories.  If not for you, then most definitely for your children and grandchildren. I may be very sentimental, but I definitely know what I am talking about.


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