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When planning a wedding, I think it’s really important to ask your married friends what is the one thing they didn’t do that they wish they had done. I got this idea from an article I read where they listed the top 12 things brides say they regret. The number one answer in this article and number one answer among our married friends was the same… “I wish I had booked a videographer!” This is something that has stuck throughout my planning process and for that reason something that went on the “must have list” right away! Even Adam’s guy friends said this was a regret of theirs! I think a lot of people feel if you have a photographer then why do you need a videographer, and I get that, but I can already say with still 7 months to go, my biggest piece of advice to brides is to spend the most money on the things that will last forever… the photography, the videography, the rings… versus the things that will come and go in just hours like the flowers, cake and table linens. I used to babysit a little girl who would say her favorite movie was the movie of mommy and daddy’s wedding, even out of the shelves of Disney and Barbie movies she had! I think that’s the sweetest thing… and I think it’s super special to be able to have that to show your kids one day, or to watch together on your anniversaries.
So as our decision on videographer versus no videographer seemed to be made, we started searching around, and SURPRISE!!! They’re super expensive!!! We were being quoted $5,000, $6,000 dollars… such a bummer! This is why I caution against spending too much on things that don’t last forever, so you have room in your budget for this! At the end of the day though, we knew this is something we had to have, so we didn’t give up and found on a videographer who was cheaper, but still had amazing style and quality to their videos!
We went with Reel Weddings, a Charlotte company with a lot of packages to offer! When looking into videographers, make sure they send you samples of their work… and if you watch a video of two complete strangers getting married and start balling your eyes out, chances are they’re a winner! Also ask what kind of cameras and equipment they use, do your research, is it the best of the best? What’s their style… do they go for the candid moments… Do you really want someone in your face with a camera telling you exactly what to say, or how to act on your wedding day? And what is included in your package, is it what you’re looking for? We went with their “Reel Love” package, which includes 4 DVDs (extras to give the parents) with a full video of your ceremony, a 25 minute edited film of your entire day from wedding prep to your big reception exit, and a 6 minute wedding trailer of the day’s highlights, which is perfect to post on Facebook and share with guests who couldn’t make it! They also ask for a list of 10-15 songs that you and your groom like and they pick one to edit into your trailer and film, which is pretty cool. Our package also comes with 10 hours of coverage with two videographers. Definitely something to think about… to get the most out of our coverage, from wedding prep to our grand exit as husband and wife, we had to move our ceremony back 30 minutes… we wanted those 10 hours to cover as much as possible! So do the math before booking! We have the option to add on extra hours of coverage if needed as well. We also have two videographers, as well as two photographers… very important thing to consider! You need one set to capture the boys getting ready, and one to capture me and my girls!
I’m so glad we decided on booking a videographer! No regrets happening over here! And my future daughter’s favorite movie better be the video of us getting married!! :) Check out Reel Weddings site and some of their work here.
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