Valentine's Day - His Way

If there is anything I learned from all these years (8 to be exact) with my husband, it is that I should not spend money on him.  He is the most frugal person you will ever meet, and it's one of the qualities that balances us out. I appreciate him for it. Well, some days. When holidays arrive I try to keep it simple.  I would love to create elaborate surprises or create a detailed treasure hunt with balloons & presents at the end. Maybe even add an explosion of glitter! If only. My husband wouldn't get excited about any of that. (Jason, if you are reading this, I would love any of those things. Hint,hint!)

This year, my little pink post it note pad was just the trick!

I sat down and just started writing all the reasons I love him. One right after another.  At first I thought I would do 14 in honor of V-day. After a while I lost count. I decided to keep going until I got to the point where I was coming up with random things.

While he was sleeping I went around the house and posted in all the spots I knew he would see in the morning.

Simple. But to the point. I ended up with over 30 notes.

I love my husband very much.  There is no doubt in my mind that this stubborn, frugal, picky eater, is the man for me.  I love him because he is the man that believes he should protect his family.  He mows the lawn, takes out the trash, fixes everything that breaks, changes the oil in our cars, and ladies...he even does dishes & laundry.  We argue, we disagree, we even have to breaks from each other. We are opposites in many ways.  However our core beliefs and values are identical and it keeps us glued together.

I don't just leave him love notes on Valentines Day. This day just required the fancy pink notes with XX's & OO's!