The Importance of a Videographer | Iron Kite Films | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Hello! We are Iron Kite Films. We were so excited when Melissa approached us about writing a guest blog and are honored that we have your attention for a few short paragraphs. Wedding videography has gotten quite the wrap over the last few years and even still is pretty much a misunderstood craft. This is mostly due to the use of typical and predictable camera angeles, odd Hollywood-ish editing, and awkward interviews. What is probably most interesting is that if you look at nearly every other aspect of a wedding, you see that they have dramatically changed since the 90s (thank the Lord!)---dresses, photography, cake, flowers, etc.. Sadly, though, videography has changed very little.

We have observed a few things that need to happen in this often overlooked field (be know the videographer is the LAST thing you book!). These are also some things you can look for when searching for a videographer.

First, videographers need to see their role less as "capturing an event" and more as "telling a story". Anyone's uncle can videotape what happens on a wedding day, but why not have a passionate professional tell the intricate and unique story of your day.

Second, videography needs to be viewed as art in the same way that photography is. Our background is in photography...we love the ART of capturing light. The same lessons we learned behind the camera are now implemented behind the "moving camera". Videography can be art IF the one behind the camera is an artist and views their responsibility as "creating" rather than "capturing". That simple difference is incredibly important to the final outcome of the film.

Finally, the videographer should view his or her responsibility to the bride and groom with the same intensity and professionalism as, say, the cake decorator (traditionally, the most observed and scrutinized craft on the wedding day outside of "the dress"). This is not a slight to videographers, but by and large, videographers view their craft in the same way others do...bottom of the list. No! We have the privilege of capturing light in motion, telling the story of a princess on her most special day. No other craft can capture these moments the way that we can and preserve them in a way that will bring the bride and groom right back to their wedding altar for years to come.

We hope to change the way that videography is viewed in the Southeast. We do one thing, and we do it with passion – we make short films about this incredible world around us. We capture life, slow it down and peel back the layers to show the essence of a moment. Our approach is from an artistic, storytelling perspective--and your life is our script! Every moment that we capture is different, and every film that we create is unique. Each film is its own piece of art, just like a good love story should be!

{Pictured below: Neil is hard at work shooting my promo film. Now we need to work together at a wedding!}