The Happiness We Choose | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Every day I am inspired by others.  I learn so much from my circle of friends. I feel beyond blessed with who God has put into my life.  I am not just speaking of the people I see daily, or even the people I text message (since that is practically my main form of communication.)  I am also speaking of the people I may have only met once. We crossed paths, for a short time, but that moment has left a lasting impression on me.  My mind, my heart, my whole being has changed from just that short time with them. I have never fully blogged about my time volunteering for  Little Pink Houses of Hope aka LPHOH.  I should because it simply changed my life.  The image below is one I took while volunteering for LPHOH.  I won't go into detail in this post, maybe another time, but I keep this image on my desktop as a reminder to cherish every moment of life. It's just a little icon on my desktop, but when I need a reminder, I double click on the image and remember.

Today I hope you find, in this image, the reminder you may need.

Happy Saturday my friends!

Thank you to Sara and her family for allowing me to capture your moments on that special day.  It was truly an honor.