THE Coffee Table Wedding Album and My Little Secret Reveal | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

I can't believe I'm about to admit this. I am a wedding photographer, I sell wedding albums to my clients, I do not have a wedding album from my own wedding.


I'm not proud of this, just so you know.  Making all of these gorgeous wedding albums for my clients makes me feel even more ashamed at myself.  I have all of these images from one of the most important days of my life and they sit on a CD in a basket in my office.  Now, I am not a complete criminal.  I have printed a few (like, 5 images) and they are beautifully displayed in my bedroom.  They still don't tell the story of the whole day and that's just wrong.

I have been able to come to the realization that I don't have a wedding album because of one reason. The cost.  In order to have this really beautiful wedding album that archived my precious memories for a lifetime, it was going to cost a pretty penny.  At the time of making this decision, we had just spent a lot of money on the actual wedding day.  It was very overwhelming and really weighed on us.  We had to pull back the reigns and settle.  I remember saying, "Oh I will just create something and it can be less expensive. It may not be the best of the best, but it will do."  Well folks, 5 years later and I still have not done a single thing.

Why?  Because life happens! It's the reality for us and for most everyone out there.

Today, as I sit here putting together albums for my brides & grooms, I realize that they have made the best decision by purchasing the wedding album.  Some of my clients have done this upfront and some have made the decision immediately after receiving their gallery of images.  Either way, I definitely think it's a wise decision and has truly motivated me to not only create my own but to structure my wedding collections so that it is included in the price.  Everyone deserves to have this important day archived beautifully!

Here are some images I took of an album I recently designed for Josh & Susan and their beautiful vineyard wedding.  I wish everyone could not only see these pictures, but get their hands on it too.  It's absolutely stunning with it's BROWN VELVET cover, thick pages, and the perfect display of images that spread across the entire page in panoramic view. What a beautiful keepsake that Josh and Susan will now have to display in their home for many years!!