The BEST Senior Reps | Melissa Lynn Hunt Seniors

I am Blessed. I am Lucky.

I am Proud.

- All of the above.. +more!

My 2013 Senior Reps have been so phenomenal this year.  I must brag on them!

Last Friday night I held a Senior Night for 2013 & 2014 Seniors.  It was a time to meet me, view my latest products, and book your Senior Portrait Session. I asked my Reps to come out and be available if anyone has questions.  They could talk about their experience and help other girls make decisions about their own portrait session. Well, my Reps did more than just that! I found them going up to shoppers and asking them if they were there to book a Senior Portrait session. They shared information about me and told the shoppers how great of an experience they had working with me & Kelsie.

I was taken back by how enthusiastic my Reps were and how genuinely happy they were to be there representing my business. They have always told me how great it has been representing Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography, but for the first time I was actually witnessing it.  It truly made my night.

They have represented my business since the Spring of 2012 and sadly our time together is winding down.  I can't even believe it.  I have already welcomed a new group of girls to represent for 2014.  I am really looking forward to working with these girls.  We've have some pretty awesome things planned for our time together.

However, I am really going to miss my 2013 Senior Reps!

Paige, Meg, & Bethany - Thank you for everything!!