The beautiful & talented Miss Kelsie Lea the Lucky Winners in my giveaway.

If I said it once I've said it a million times, Kelsie Lea Boles is irreplaceable! Kelsie is the hair & makeup stylist for all of my High School Seniors and has begun to work with my Brides & the bridal parties. Kelsie is fun, energetic, genuine, and she has an undeniable talent. Kelsie has great style and I can count on her advice during a shoot. She is always on time, she works hard, and she aims to please.

Kelsie is also my cousin! Yup! I'm pretty lucky.

I've known Kelsie for 8 years now. I've watched her grow up to be a beautiful young women, with a huge heart for everyone.  I know her pretty well.  I also know that I wouldn't want to have any other person on my team.

Since you might not know her very well I had a little chat with Kelsie and asked her very important questions:

MLH: How old are you?

KLB: I am 22 years old. I'll be 23 on January 21st!

MLH: Tell us how you got into the Hair & Makeup industry.

KLB: I made the decision to go to school for Cosmetology as a back up plan. I didn't know what I wanted to do and many of my friends and family told me that I was so good with hair and makeup that I should give it a go!  Once I was finished with school and obtained my license, I went right into a salon and started working.  I didn't want to just be stuck at the salon all the time so Melissa and I came up with a nice little plan to pair up.  It is so much fun to travel and help with photo shoots!

MLH: Are you a certified/licensed cosmetologist?

KLB: Yes, ma'am.

(did she just call me ma'am??)

MLH: What is your favorite hairdo?

KLB: Lately, I have been pulling my hair halfway back.  Just keeping it straight...nothing too crazy and elaborate...very natural!

MLH: What piece of makeup do YOU never leave home without?

KLB: I never leave the house without some lip gloss...a little bit of sparkle goes a long way!

MLH: What type of makeup do you use on your clients?

KLB: I use a combination of brands...Mac, Lancome, Too Faced, and Sephora.

MLH: When we are not working together, do you work at a salon?

KLB: Yes! I work at a salon in Aberdeen, North Carolina named Studio Elite Hair Gallery.  We are a full range salon offering nails, hair, makeup, and esthetics.

MLH: What celebrity has the best hair?

KLB: The celebrity with the best hair is Carrie Underwood...hands down! She is always to polished and flawless.

MLH: What celebrity has the best style?

KLB: Lately, I have been really impressed with Anne Hathaway and her style!  She is always so chic and modern!

MLH: Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you.

KLB: I love to get dirty...I have a big group of friends and we ride four-wheelers all the time!

MLH: Do you have a favorite pet?

KLB: Oh yes! My miniature schnauzer named Ellie Mae.

MLH: What is your favorite tv show?

KLB: My favorite show is The Big Bang is so funny!

MLH: Which social media are you most guilty of being on way too much?

KLB: Guilty of being on PINTEREST for far too long.

Click here to view Kelsie's hair & makeup stylings.

To all of those who took their time to comment on my First Blog Post, THANK YOU!!! It meant a lot to read such encouraging & positive words.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners:

Gail Williams, Kelly McCarthy, & Lauren Maiura

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