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Stationery is one of the loves of my life! I love everything about it from picking out the perfect paper, to the amazing fonts and the endless possibilities of creating that one unique look.

If we were all honest, we would admit that when you open the perfect shower invitation, glance at that well matched thank you card or admire the most amazing wedding suite that you have ever received in the mail, you feel a fringe of excitement! It creates a smile or even a slight head nod of approval. It is always appealing and exciting to receive these pieces of art. Pieces that reflect the person and their event. Despite living in the technology age, the joys of custom stationery, especially for weddings, still remain and continue to change in its flexibility along with new trends.

Here are some basic questions we receive when it comes to creating a piece of art for our clients.

*Do you only do wedding invitations?

No, we love anything paper! We can work with you on your wedding suite, such as save the dates, invitation, programs, thank you cards, menus, escort name it. We also love that the majority of our business is created around our relationships with our clients and our continued relationships in creating birth announcements, birthday or general party invitations, Christmas and some we have continued in the business world of stationery as we help create their company papers.

*Can you help with other things not paper, such as favors?

We like to explore different projects. Simply ask and we can look into whether we can help you create a custom look on something other than paper. We have worked with custom wedding guest books, matches, koozies, coasters and looking into custom pillows {gift ideas}.

*What is the average cost of wedding suites?

Well, simply put, this is one hard question to answer. We can work with flat printed simple invitations to your more elaborate letterpress or embossed invitation. We love our pockets, but it adds to the budget. The best option is to set a consult with us and let us look at your ideas and options for printing and see your budget. We can work out what is best together. We do give an estimate of $4.00-$12.00 per suite, which almost always includes the invitation, reply with addressed envelope and addressed outer envelope. The wide range depends on which end you approach and how many pieces or layers are in your suite. Everything is à la carte so you build your suite price!

*“I planned on doing them myself”

We do hear many success stories and we do hear lots of frustrations. We also have been the cleanup crew to some do-it-yourself projects gone badly. I would suggest sitting down and looking at all the costs to the invitations including extras, ink, time and much more. Do you have a backup plan and does time allow for fixes? We work very hard to keep the cost down to make it affordable for most budgets. The key is flexibility and knowing that each piece adds on cost for paper and printing. If you can part with or bring down those pieces, chances are we have something in your budget that you can order without having to deal with the frustrations of do-it- yourself projects. Remember, not all DIY’s go wrong, but almost every bride can tell you horror stories of some sort. The concerns we have with do-it-yourself printing comes from the printing aspect. Not every paper works with laser printers and not every paper works with your everyday inkjet. This is where an issue can come into play. Putting a paper in the mail with an ink that didn’t stick will result in smeared invitations. Remember to account for all the time for setup as well as extra material for mishaps. Also, plan to research programs and printer sets. Make sure your printer is not only equipped for the ink/paper relationship but also the size of the paper {5x7 or the small reply card sizes}.

*Is there a benefit in using us versus DIY?

YES! There are certain etiquette rules and tips that we help with while meeting with our brides and creating their suite. We also make sure you have thought about the extras, how to handle certain situations and what specifics need to go in the suite, along with other tips. We work behind the scenes to fix any issues that derive from paper/printing faults and can even help with printed addressing {in my opinion....a lifesaver!} We are here for all your questions and work extremely hard to create a well-presented suite that works just for you and on your budget.

*“But, it is just stationery”

Yes, we hear the statements that go along with it.....“These are just going to go in the trash.” or “I want a nice invitation but don’t want to spend a fortune.” We understand all of that, which helped us lay out our price margins. I leave you with this...Please remember that your stationery will set the tone of your wedding. It will make a statement as to what you expect from each guest. Will it be elegant, rustic, country, traditional, whichever your route. For some guest, this will be the only part of the wedding they see {since some “sadly, can’t make” and will not attend the wedding}. It is just paper. It is also a great reflection of what is to come.

Weddings are amazing! How it all comes together just perfectly. Even using various vendors that have no clue what the next is planning for your big day, it just flows. Each wedding resembling that person’s personality, style and the little details that make this day something you will never forget.

Our consultations are free. We usually begin with the basics. Scroll through albums. Chat about your wedding and the style you are going for....this all helps us get to know you and your vision!

If you are interested in setting up a consultation, please contact us at

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