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As a photographer, I have been to too many weddings to even count, each one as heart warming as the last. All weddings are beautiful, but because I am at your wedding to capture every last detail, over time, I have come up with a few tips to create the atmosphere or theme you are looking for. One of my favorite types of weddings to attend are the ones where you walk in and instantly think ROMANCE! They are always elegant and even if they are on the larger side, somehow, they still feel intimate. Personal touches here and there definitely allow your guests to get quick glimpses into the love that you and your partner share. However, if you want the entire ceremony and reception to exude romance, elegance, and warmth I have a few tips that go a little beyond the small touches.

1. The sparkle in your eye when you see the person you love should be reflected with some sparkle in your wedding. Glitz can walk the fine line between elegant and gaudy, but when done tastefully it is the perfect way to add a little more romantic glamour to the big day. While you might be used to seeing glittery center pieces you should try something new! I love to see a glittery metallic bridesmaid dresses!

2. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but pearls make for a gorgeous wedding. There is nothing more classically romantic than pearls. While I think a pearl necklace looks great on the bride and bridesmaids, you don't have to stop there! They can be a part of your centerpieces and even your cake!

3. Finally, my most important tip for creating a romantic atmosphere for your wedding is all about the lighting! Lighting is how you set a mood and it is how you create warmth and intimacy within a wedding. My absolute favorite light fixture is a chandelier. They look beautiful where ever you hang them, especially outside from tree branches. However, while I do love the chandeliers, you can still get beautiful lighting effects with something simple. Candles can create a warm glow and are perfect for creating a romantic and inviting atmosphere.

I can write about my thoughts on weddings all day long, but if you really want to see what I mean look at my Pinterest page here!

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From big to small, simple to unique, weddings are beautiful no matter what type or how they are styled. It is really just all about the love, and as a photographer that love is my favorite thing to capture.


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