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Autumn is finally here and the beautiful changing leaves can be such an inspiration. The oranges, golds, and rust combine to make the perfect warm color palette. I like to incorporate these colors into almost everything during October and November, but they would become even more beautiful if incorporated into a wedding. When compared to the ever so popular spring wedding, autumn weddings are so unique! The crisp air and warm low sunshine evoke romance, which is perfect for such a romantic occasion. While I love a fall wedding, it can be easy to slip into the realm of "kitschy" when too many pumpkins and fall icons are added. However, if you follow these few tips you are sure to have a wedding that uses the colors of fall in the most elegant way.

1. Branch Out Your Color Scheme: The whole reason I love an Autumn wedding stems from the colors. Reds, oranges an yellows reflect the season, but consider breaking up the warmth with something cool. Navy or plum pair perfectly with the colors of the trees and allow for them to pop against the darker back drop.

2. Produce Outside the Gourd Family: A pumpkin here or there can be cute and it means you are decorating seasonally, but it can be expected. Stay within season but think about what other things are harvested in the fall to incorporate into your decorations. Apples submerged in water filled glass vases can add elegance while also reflecting the season.

3. Be Playful With the Little Details: The small details are the perfect place to incorporate the fall favorites like pumpkins and leaf shapes. It throws a nod to the season without becoming overwhelming. A fall leaf in the boutonniere is a unique change from the typical flower and really shows off the theme of the wedding.

If you want help to better visualize this beautiful autumn celebration take a look at my Pinterest page here.

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Melissa Lynn Hunt Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer