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I love all the amazing spaces that North Carolina and the surrounding areas have to offer for weddings, but sometimes you may want to travel further south for a more tropical backdrop on your big day. When I say further south, I mean the southern most point of the United States! We all here of people going to Key West for a good time but there are so many more options when heading to the Florida Keys for a destination wedding. There are 1700 islands and 43 are connected by bridge. Check out these few tips and my Pinterest page here to learn how to perfectly style you designation wedding in the keys. 1. Inside or out, keep the ocean in view. The whole reason you have traveled to the southern most point of the US is to be near gorgeous crystal blue water. Being cautious of unfortunate weather situations is smart but try to make sure all possible ceremony and reception spaces allow for that beautiful ocean to be in the background.

2. Keep cool! Living in the south has taught me a lot about heat, but Florida heat is a whole new level. Consider making sure the entire wedding party is dressed to comfortably withstand the humidity. Breathable fabrics are a must! Also, consider throwing out a few fans in a basket for your guests during the ceremony.

3. Be inspired by your back drop. You are getting married in one of the most beautiful places in the world and you should draw on that for your decor. The color of the water, combined with the color of white sand can make for great staple shades when creating your color pallet. Also, combine elements of the ocean into your details. Seashells look great in place cards, flowers, and boutonnieres.

Don't forget to get the full view on my Pinterest page here.

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