The Social Media Impression | Personal


If you haven't already figured it out, let me be the first to tell you,

YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA is now YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION.  Even after you have met someone. 

Make sure you read that first sentence one more time.  It is 100%, without a doubt, TRUE.

I recently took some time and intentionally sought out the social media pages for 5 people I follow.  These 5 people fell under the following groups:

Family - Friends - A Business Relationship - A Potential Business Relationship

It took me less than 2 minutes to develop an opinion about these people just based on their social media.  Remember, I already know these people.  In fact, even in the business group, I have already met them.

I have had a first "face-to-face" impression.

However, now I have a new "social media" impression.

In my opinion I believe that what you put on social media is how you define WHO YOU ARE. You are painting a picture for yourself.  Plain and simple.  Straight to the point.

My message to you is simple.  BE MORE AWARE.

Think before you post pictures, quotes, and videos.  Are you posting them because you are in a mood or are acting out of anger?  Because it is absolutely ok to be in a mood or angry. Keep it to a minimum on social media. Think beyond those feelings and more about who might be seeing your posts. Unlike your parents or best friend,  a potential boss, coworker, or client does not know you.  So when they take 2 minutes to scroll through your social media they only see the picture YOU have painted for them.

At the end of the day we should all want to put our best foot forward.  It's expected that we have bad days or weeks! It's expected that we have squabbles in our relationships with others.  We are all human and those moments will happen.

It's important to see past those tough times and remain tactful in the social media eye.  

I myself have reached out through social media when I have had a bad day.  Even when I have had a sad moment I have made posts.

 I appreciate the support that comes from uplifting and empathetic comments.  However, I get uplifted, work through my bad day and return to the happy person I like to be.  

The true me. 

(I'm generally not a sad person though. I'm a happy, optimistic, let's all celebrate and be friends, kind of person.

 This post would be way different if  written from a sad's person perspective! )