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Shoes are a huge part of my life, I love shoe shopping and I'm a true believer in the fact that a girl can never have too many shoes! This is why the shoes I'll wear for my wedding day are so important... the most important shoes I'll ever wear! Even though my dress will cover them up... I know kinda silly! But I think taking really cute pictures of your shoes while holding your dress up or having them displayed by your dress while you're getting ready makes for super cute pictures! Here's some I pinned recently that I'm obsessing over... image-10

I love the idea of splurging on my shoes for my wedding day, going all out and having Jimmy Choos or Louboutin and displaying the iconic designer name in my pictures, but as you know by now... I just can't pass up a bargain! So to Etsy I go! Really and truly my Etsy wedding shopping obsession started out as me just looking for ideas and inspiration for things on Pinterest and a few clicks lead me to exploring for ideas on Etsy. Then the next thing I know I'm ordering everything from head to toe... literally from veil to shoes!! I just love the unique hand made aspect of some of the things I've found.. my shoes being one of them.

I'm not a pump or stiletto kinda girl, I love them, but I don't want to be wobbling down the isle, or towering over my groom! My friends told me they knew it must be love when I gave up all my sky high heels for Adam :) hehe!! I love wedges, they're easy to walk in, not as high, and still make your calfs look great! The hunt was on... and wedding wedges are harder to find than you would think! I found mine at this Etsy shop and the best part was I had the option to choose my own wedge height and custom make them! They were perfect and arrived in a timely manner and fit like a glass slipper!


Now being the shoe lover I am, I couldn't possible just go with one pair of wedding shoes right!? I need that surprise factor to slip on for dancing into the night and the wee hours of the morning! I continued my search on Etsy and came across a lovely talented lady who hand-paints TOMS and will custom them to anything you'd like. Here's a link to her shop. She was a doll! We messaged back and forth and she created exactly what I wanted! I have to keep some things a surprise, but lets just say they're the perfect shoes for dancing my way into our happy Gamecock loving life! Here's a sneak peak...


Another sneak peak... and speaking of my Etsy orders... the bridesmaid dresses are here!!! And they're perfect and the colors look FAB together :)


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