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A friend visited me the other day and with so much excitement I proudly shared with her some of my Grad Card samples. I absolutely loved her reaction!  She first went "Ooooh!" because of the cotton paper and just plain prettiness of the card. Then her next reaction was ....

"So this is like a thing?  Like a version of a birth announcement?"

Then I said ....

               "WHAT the WHAT??!!" 

It hit me!  It's not a thing to everyone!!  To most people it is seen as an unnecessary item.  

Seriously you guys ...  Why should babies be the only ones that get fancy announcements?  After all, let's remember what a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT it is to GRADUATE from HIGH SCHOOL!   Didn't these girls just work their tails off for 12 years?  (the answer is YES, yes they did my friends.)

Seniors should be celebrated just like any other year in their life. A senior is no less important than the day she was born.  In most cases this is the last time a senior will be living at home.  In most cases she will be off to college in just a few short months, living out her dreams in the next phase of her life.  We should be celebrating the young woman she has become and all that she has accomplished!

The best part of these custom grad cards is just that ... they are custom.  We can change images, text, fonts, and colors to suit each individual girl.  These are not a one size fits all card. You can match the colors in your outfit, the colors of your high school, and even your future college colors! Every girl deserves a super unique, customized grad card, to proudly share with family and friends.  It is the perfect time to not only share some of your senior portrait images, but to announce your graduation date and even where you are going to college!!

Oh I can not even tell you how excited I am to share my 2015 Senior Grad Card Collection with you!!  I've been working on this little collection for quite some time now.

Enjoy this fun video showcasing the collection.  If you want more information, including pricing, please email

Melissa Lynn Hunt Senior Portraits 2015 Grad Announcements from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.

(Music Credit: Taylor Swift, 1989, Style)


Melissa Lynn Hunt, Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer, is a wife, momma to Noah and a professional photographer specializing in senior portraits.

In 2009 she left behind six years of teaching kindergarten to build her photography business.  Now 5 years later, she has a desire to serve, teach, and build genuine relationships through photography. 
Melissa's non-negotiables are morning coffee time and snuggles with Noah, exercise, Chickfila, and watching The Walking Dead with Jason Hunt.