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queen of clean bar
queen of clean bar

It is my honor to introduce you to the most lovely and talented Kelly! She is the owner and baker of the Queen of Clean Bar, all natural protein bars packed with 36 grams of protein.  They are the MOST delicious protein bars out there. I would like to go on record and say that you could name any popular protein bar that is 100% made with all-natural real ingredients and I would assure you that Queen of Clean is the best.

So why all the love for Queen of Clean? We reached out to Kelly a month ago and asked her if she would be interested in coming on board as a sponsor for our Laps Of Love Walk-A-Thon. We asked if she would donate protein bars to the first handful of walkers that signed up. Well, Kelly went above and beyond and said she would donate a protein bar to every single walker! How amazing is this?! So after you rock those walking shoes and exercise your heart out for a good cause, you can nourish your body with all natural goodness.

If you are ready to sign up for the Walk-A-Thon (and one of those protein bars :) you can go HERE to reserve your spot!

Early registration costs $15 and ends Friday October 20th. Children 13 and under are FREE.  You can walk 1 lap (.25 mile) or 10 laps! It's up to you!! We'd love to see you!

Take 3 minutes and check out my interview with Kelly so you can learn all about Queen of Clean Bar! And if you just can't wait for the walk-a-thon, go place an online order and grab yourself some of these amazing bars!