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I've always wanted a photobooth at my wedding... I think it's so much fun for guests and I love how people get really into it. It's a nice alternative for those non dancers out there, and some really great pictures come out of it that you and your guests can keep forever! But being the "I have to be different" kind of bride that I am and a cost efficient one, I've recently been searching for some other options, some photobooth alternatives. Now that we're officially only 7 months out (I can't believe it!!!) we're really trying to cut the cost here and there to stay within our total wedding budget, and we recently found the photobooth on the chopping block... but I just can't let it go!!! I'm determined to figure something out! I recently came across a really cool option called Hoot Kit. It's a company that mails you this cute kit before your wedding and you can set up your own photobooth like concept, but for way cheaper! Inside the kit you get 5 Fuji Instax mini cameras, if you don't know what these are they're the latest and greatest polaroid-like cameras that print your picture instantly and they're absolutely precious! They come in a lot of fun colors too! You also get 100 sheets of film, new batteries for the cameras just in case you need them, and a sharpie for guest to write cute things on the bottom of their pictures... then after the wedding you mail the cameras back. The whole idea behind this is for a create your own guest book... where you set the kit up on your "guestbook table" and instruct your guests to snap a selfie with the Instax and then tape it in a blank scrapbook and write a cute message to you and your groom. Super cute idea right?!? Well thanks to the wonderful Melissa Lynn Hunt and her mad photography skills, we already have a great guest book, but we're thinking about using Hoot Kit at another table at our reception. Adding some homemade props (since I love crafting) and having guests snap pictures with the Instax is a great alternative for us, instead of hiring a photobooth company. I think this could be a great way to have guests, who don't know each other, interact as they ask to take pictures of one another and pass the cameras around. Hoot Kit also allows you to add on "extras" to your kit like props (if you're not the crafting type), extra film, a scrapbook, and some other fun things. Adam and I want to add extra film, so our guests can take plenty of pictures and we want to include cute boxes on the Hoot table asking guests to take a picture for themselves, but leave one for the bride and groom too! I have so many ideas of what to do with some of the pictures that come from this... like make a big shadow box with the polaroids in them, or hang them on close pins across a rope on a wall in our house... how special would that be?! It's a super fun way to remember all the memories your guests made on your big day!! And as far as pricing goes, they're $399.00 for the basic kit with the 5 cameras, 100 sheets of film, batteries and sharpie, but they run great sales! Just the other day a basic kit was on sale for $199.00! So if we caught them during a sale like that and added the extra film like we want, then we could save around $500.00 by going this route instead of a photobooth!


So my question is... will it be just as fun as a photobooth? We haven't made our final decision yet... maybe some blog readers can comment on facebook and let me know what they think! Side note... it's called a Hoot Kit and I have an owl obsession... I think it's a sign!! :)

Here's their website, check it out here!



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