This One Time | Taylor Swift

taylorswiftshakeitoff There was this one time my friend called me to tell me about a contest.  If we won the contest we would be flown to NY, appear on the Good Morning America show, and be VIP guests during Taylor Swift's performance.  We would have to create a 30 second video of us lip syncing to Taylor's Shake it Off song.  We also had to submit an small essay explaining how this song impacted our lives. My friend thought I would go banana's over the idea and that I would most definitely want to enter.

Well ...  we entered.

And ... well ... we didn't win.

Now, you may be thinking this is a sad story and while I am incredibly disappointed that we didn't win I am still so happy we entered the contest.  I'm happy because the truth is that this song has impacted our lives.  Shake it Off's lyrics have become an anthem for people who need a reminder that no matter what other people say or do you should always stay true to who you are! You should live your life and shake off the negativity.  I have always felt Taylor has been an excellent role model for youth today.  She has always stayed true to who she was as a person and an artist.  It has never mattered whether she is defined as country or pop - her lyrics are relevant and they speak to people.  I have always respected Taylor Swift as an artist.  I most definitely respect her as a  young woman in our world.  I appreciate her character, class, and genuine nature.

I am thankful for my great friend, Brittany, who took time to create (what we believe) was an awesome contest entry!  We worked hard on our video, and considering we are amateurs at this kind of stuff we are so proud of it!!  We decided to divide our 30 seconds into two stories.  The first story spoke about our past.  We highlighted the mean things that others said to us when we were kids.  The second story spoke about how we feel about ourselves today and also how others feel about us.  Both Brittany and I have always stayed true to who we are.  We've been encourage and influenced by family, friends, teachers, and acquaintances.  We took the positive and left behind the negative.  We feel strongly in conveying this message to the young girls we work with in our business.

Take the positive and leave behind the negative.  More importantly - grow from the negativity.  You are much better than what the "haters" say.  Don't listen.

Just ... Shake it Off!


Taylor Swift - Shake it Off - GMA Contest from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.