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Although I am not known as a Newborn Photographer, I do on occasion step outside the box of Weddings and Senior Portraits.  There are few close families that continue to hire me no matter what the occasion.  I am very grateful for those families because we have such a great relationship and rapport.  Those are the families I hope to work with forever and ever. In just a short amount of years these are memories that will be cherished greatly.  These photos may represent something so present and typical now. However in 2, 5, 10 years, they'll be sweet sighs, tears of joy, and "Oh my goodness can you believe how little they were!"

My time with the Cook family has been nothing short of wonderful.  Photographing this sweet family in their home was absolutely perfect. It was a great source of comfort for their oldest son.  He was able to play and show off "his" things during the photo shoot.  I think it really helped him come out of his shell sooner than later. Each photo truly captures the love that is within their walls, their hugs, and their kisses.


Now this pup has two little guys to watch after.


This image below is one of my ALL TIME favorites!! If it was me I would print and frame immediately.


One of the coolest nurseries I have ever seen!! Perfection!


I love how he was just swinging back and forth...and I love that I was able to capture it!


Such a precious blessing.









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