My Love for Him | Personal Post | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

My love for my son. Gosh, I have so much love for him.

Everyday I look at his toes, I look at his little fingers and nose.  I even love his little shoulders.  I mean c'mon. Those shoulders are going to be little forever.

Lots of hugs and kisses.  Always.  I think I kiss this child every 5 seconds. I give lots of squeezes too. Those squeezes are usually followed by extreme tickling because NOTHING is better than his laughter.

When he wakes up in the morning he has the most perfect bed head. He either does one of two things in the morning; looks for his two favorite race cars or climbs into bed with me (on those days when I choose not to set that alarm clock).

He is pretty decisive.  He knows what he likes and dislikes. He loves raw veggies (awesome, I know.). He does not love the peeling on an apple or a banana. He loves to torment Toby. He does not love to brush his teeth.

He is very independent. Oh boy! He must do things on his own. No questions asked. He also likes to show that he can do what you can do. He can watch you do something one time then from that moment own he wants to do it.

He has impressive dance moves and some serious coordination. He is great a puzzles and pretending to read. I'm blown away by his memory.  That goes for most children by the way.  I am always astonished at how well they remember things at such a young age.  He remembers things that happened not just days ago, but weeks. He can even recall who and why sometimes.

He is the cutest when he prays. Well hold on, I actually do the praying, but then when I end with "amen" he repeats me. Except it sounds like "maaaameeee."

I live for that bedtime moment.

I love the way he says popsicle, old macdonald, amazing, and pizza.

I got teary when he actually started saying "Toby" and no longer saying "Puppy."

I also got teary when he started saying "Cereal" instead of saying "Sole."

All this to say....

There is nothing more important in this world than him. There never will be.

I love him.  I love my job as a mother. I can't imagine life without this blessing. I thank God every day for my little miracle.

Here's a mix of some of my FAVORITE photos of him and I.


{taken by Hannah Capps}

{taken by my hubby}

{My absolute favorite family photo ever: taken by Sarah Harrell. I loved it so much it is a 24X30 canvas in my home!}