Love It | What I want Most From My Clients | Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer

I love my clients and I want to provide the best service while I am their photographer. However, sometimes I need a little something from them in return. The interesting part is that it's something that most people want and need!! Have you figured it out yet? Find out how you can help me and others in today's LOVE IT post!

Love It Post 6 from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.

**Melissa Lynn Hunt, Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer, has brought a new series to her blog. This new video series covers all things she loves! Each week she will share tips for brides, advice for your wedding day, and a time or two she will share something personal she loves. If you want to learn about something specific, be sure to leave a comment or message her at Your feedback is also welcome!

Check out more information on the brand new series and learn how it all began HERE.

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