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As a wedding photographer, I have been to numerous wedding venues and have been able to experience everything they have to offer. While all the venues have aspects that make them special, some places seem to rise above others. I am so excited to start sharing my favorite venues with you during a few of my Love It posts and the historic Laboratory Mill is one of those venues! Its rich history as the 2nd cotton mill built in the US can only be overshadowed by the current awe and amazement it brings to countless brides as a wedding space. There are many reasons why I love the Laboratory Mill but they all center around the space of the venue, the gorgeous images it will allow a photographer to produce, and the lovely and passionate owners and employees. Check out the Love It post for more information and then read the full report for everything you need to know.

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1. Space

The Laboratory Mill is both spacious and functional providing brides with numerous options for designing their floor plan. The main floor in 14,000 square feet and there are plans to add even more room for your wedding! In 2016 there should be a full deck on the back of the venue overlooking the gorgeous South Fork River. A perfect area for anyone who prefers to spend a little extra time outside enjoying the 400 acres of conservation land that surrounds the Laboratory Mill.

The main floor for your big day is not the only area that makes the whole space special. Both the bridal and groom's suite are perfect for getting ready before walking down the aisle. The groom's suite is a fun area complete with a card table for the boys to enjoy. The bridal suite has plenty of mirrors, outlets, and its own restroom so the bride never has to leave and never has to worry about the groom seeing her. The whole venue, in general, has plenty of restrooms and the entire site meets with ADA guidelines. Without a doubt, the space has everything you need.

2. Photography

As a photographer, I love a venue that is not only a gorgeous backdrop but has tons of space! The Laboratory Mill is both breath taking inside and out and its large and numerous windows allow for sunlight to brighten the space and create spectacular images. As previously mentioned, The Laboratory Mill is surrounded by 400 acres of conservation land and the South Fork River, but it also has a beach and a large stone dam that make the perfect backdrop for all your wedding day photos.

Having so many different options for the location of your photos allow for unique images that capture your special day. The different options also allow for great back up plans incase of inclement weather or what ever may arise. Being prepared is really important for brides and the Laboratory Mill allows you to have a plan A, B, C, and D for you wedding day photos.

3. The Owners

As I toured the mill I had the pleasure of talking to the owner John Delinger and the operations director J Delinger. The Delinger family had spent years renovating The Laboratory Mill. Now that it is fully operational they haven't stopped pouring their hearts and souls into this gem of a wedding venue. They believe in a personal and stress free experience for all their brides and grooms and don't stop striving to make this happen from the time you tour the venue to the time you leave on the night of your wedding.

The owners and staff have thought of everything and go above and beyond the call of duty for every wedding they have. They have made sure that the venue has everything from more air conditioning then your could ever need to fully licensed bar tenders. The staff is ready to not only perform their normal duties but also assist with parking and take care of the needs of all the guests. The Laboratory Mill is beautiful but the kind and helpful spirit of everyone on site is what makes this venue truly special.

For more information you can check out their website.

And for a better look you can take a virtual tour here.

Here are some images to show you how beautiful The Laboratory Mill really is.


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