Looking Good on the First Day of School | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

So here’s the burning question all of us students are agonizing over before school starts: What do I wear on the first day?! This question is the source of all of our closet raids, crazy back to school clothes shopping, and dress up parties with literally EVERY article of clothing we own. Being a senior this year, I have gone through this process of outfit overload bunches of times, I mean it’s a big deal! Ask any of us, even the boys give it some thought! You have to look good, while not over doing it OR looking frumpy. The perfect in between just has to be found. So my advice? Be yourself! 2013 fashion trends are simple and classic. Choose clothes that express your personality, be colorful and fun! Comfort is KEY, especially while sitting in those hard plastic desk chairs all day. You can always dress up an oversize sweatshirt with cute jean capris. You can also dress up your comfy clothes with accessories like layered bracelets! And always wear a smile, when you feel good you look good!

Here’s one of Melissa Lynn Hunt’s gorgeous senior representatives Madison McDaniel’s thoughts on the topic.

“The first day of school is always scary even if you’re a SENIOR! Whether it's finding your next class or trying to find a seat in the cafeteria, it's all terrifying. Good news is you can look GREAT doing it all! Let’s be honest, those countless hours the night before the first day trying to figure out what to wear are stressful. So some things I try to keep in mind are... 1. Look cute, but don't look like you're trying too hard 2. Just because school’s starting doesn't mean summer’s over, and it certainly doesn't mean the summer colors are out! So keep it colorful! Think "happy colors" 3. Accessories, accessories, accessories. A couple bracelets, maybe a watch, a super cute colorful bubble necklace, and some earrings! You'll be set! 4. Make sure what you wear is comfortable! You're going to be sitting in a desk all day listening to the teachers "rules and expectations" for the year, so might as well be comfy! And lastly... 5. Make it show who you are! Be yourself! If you like it then that's all that matters! Also even if you are stuck between three different outfits, like I usually am, just remember you go to school five days a week...you have PLENTY of time to wear them. So pick which one you love the most and rock it!”

Here are the 3 looks I am choosing between ...

melissa lynn hunt photography

So here’s our plan for the perfect first day of school outfit:   Don’t go overboard, but rock whatever you wear. Comfort is key, use accessories to dress outfits up. Express yourself, have fun with it! Don’t fret, you are NOT the only one feeling stressed over this. And make sure to wear that beautiful smile of yours, you’ve got a great year ahead of you!

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