Let's Start with Breakfast | More of my DSLR and Less of my IPHONE | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Well, let's be honest.  My Iphone isn't going anywhere.  It will still be my go to for everyday spur of the moment photography.  However, I have decided to be more conscience of keeping my very exquisite and expensive Canon 5D Mark ii accessible when at home.  In my opinion it would truly be a shame to have the majority of my family life documented in low-res 3X3  (at best quality). Don't get me wrong, I'm going to blow up my INSTAGRAM until the next big thing hits the stage.  I'm just also going to get a little more professional at home too! Let's start with breakfast! It's THE MOST important meal of the day!  THE MOST.  In my house we don't miss it. Ever.  My son, Noah, has always had a great breakfast to start his day.  Over his 3 long years, I have seen shifts in what he likes to eat. Eggs, whole wheat waffles, sausage on a muffin, to name a few.  Currently the breakfast trend with him is Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal.  He LOVES it.

So today, I give you a little peek at his precious little self during breakfast time at the beach!

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