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There are so many ideas out there of what a wedding planner really is and does.  What’s their purpose, what do they actually help with, and do you really need to hire someone to plan your wedding?  I’ve collected a few of the most popular myths surrounding hiring a wedding planner and want to clear them up for you:

It’s too expensive: Though hiring a wedding planner may not be cheap (read my thoughts on that here), the resources and assistance that you’re given during the planning process is priceless. Planning a wedding takes a days, months, even years for some couples. Do you have enough free time to fully devote to your wedding planning? If not, that’s where a planner comes in. A planner can help you step by step, while still leaving the decision making up to you. They also give you amazing creative professional referrals (like Melissa!!), help eliminate unnecessary costs, and create a cohesive vision for your day.

They take control of the wedding: This is 100% not true. My goal as a planner is to plan your wedding with you, not for you. Though you may give your planner permission to make minor decisions once you’ve gotten to know each other, the way your wedding looks and feels is completely up to you. Planners are simply available to share their expertise regarding scheduling, design, creative partners, and more along the way.

Friends and family can take the place of a wedding planner: I understand (and love!) that your friends and family want to get involved with your wedding, but there are something things that are better left to the professionals. Family should be able to enjoy the details of the wedding instead of setting up or cleaning. This is a special day for them too!

Hopefully this has helped eliminate some wedding planner concerns that you’re having. Wedding planners just want to make this process as easy and enjoyable as it can be for you. After all, this is a day that you and your soon-to-be husband will share for the rest of your lives. Let a planner help you enjoy it!

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