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It may still be hot and humid outside but I promise fall is just around the corner. To remind all my clients that the cool breezes and vibrant leaves are on their way, I wanted to take the time to do a Keeping It Classy for fall engagement sessions. Fall Engagement photos are always some of my favorite because 1. the couples get to cuddle up together in the chili Autumn air, which is a really great pose to show off how much they love each other, and 2. the outfits are always so cute! When thinking about what you want to wear for your fall engagement session you should think about layers. I don't mean you need to wear everything in your closet all at once, but you should definitely incorporate hats, scarves, and jackets. While they will definitely keep you warm, these garments are also great for posing you! Hats and scarves are fun to play around with to show off your fun side as a couple and jackets are great for holding on to and add a little extra something something to the dress or top you were considering wearing.

Take a look at these examples of some of my favorite looks for fall engagements.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.17.03 PM

Not only are these looks cute but they are also great for engagement photos! Holding on to a jacket collar can bring you closer together in photos and create more intimate moments.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.16.22 PM

I'm also a huge fan of scarves and big cardigans for fall engagement sessions. They both create movement and allow you to have something to hold onto. Also, if you are not currently engaged to the biggest fashionista, guys don't have to get complicated to look nice! A nicely fitting sweater with khakis will look great in your images and you can pump it up with a colored leather shoe!

Easy tricks here and there can make your favorite fall looks engagement ready.



Outfit 1 Female

Dress: Fossil

Jacket: Black Five

Shoes: Lord and Taylor 

Earrings: Fashion Union

Outfit 1 Male

Jacket: Orvis

Shirt: Coggles 

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Shoes: UGG

Outfit 2 Female

Cardigan: New Look

Scarf: J. Crew

Shoes: Rings and Tings

Watch: Isaac Mizrahi

Outfit 2 Male

Shirt: Patagonia

Khakis: Forever 21

Shoes: UGG

Watch: Debenhams

Keeping It ClassyMelissa