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A good pair of jeans is one of the most difficult but amazing things to find. I think thats why the traveling pants were made of denim! Once, you have a good pair, everyone of your friends wants them! The different cuts and washes can really alter and pull a look together. I love to photograph my seniors is skirts and dresses, but I also love my seniors to rock the blue jeans. Take the time to pick a pair that fits your body but also shows off your style. Denim can be a part of any look, from classic to trendy, so they are a good jumping off point when trying to create your personal style for your senior portraits. Take a look at these different types of jeans and decide which pair is for you?

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 6.10.13 PM

Classic Dark Skinny Jean: You can't go wrong with a pair of pants that says you're put together and oh so chic.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 6.09.50 PM

Bohemian Bell Bottoms: If you're a little more free spirited, a light washed jean with flair might be the perfect pair for you. Comfy and cute!

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Distressed Boyfriend: If you're tired of your everyday tailored cut, try something a little more trendy. The slouchy cut up style completely changes a look to laid back and fashionable.

While I love online shopping, I do 100% believe you should go out and try on a pair yourself. So hit the mall and get the perfect pair for you and your senior portrait session!


Melissa Lynn Hunt Charlotte NC Senior Photographer

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