Justin & Rachel's Wedding | Part 3 | The Reception

Let the party begin! The reception was fun, laid back, full of great food and friendship.  Rachel & Justin you two are the absolute best and I really enjoyed my time with you and your family!!!

DJ: Anything Music DJ's

Hair & Makeup: Kelsie Boles

Day of Wedding Planner: Lisa Pleasant

Rentals: Cabin Creek Antiques

Justin and Rachel's friends, Henry and Tronda, bought them a Warwick Wedding Cup while they were traveling in South Africa.

The Legend of the Warwick Wedding Cup tells about a beautiful Princess who was promised to marry a Prince from a faraway kingdom.  However the Princess fell in love with a handsome Silversmith whom she only wanted to marry. The King and Queen who were outraged made a proposal to the Silversmith. If he could make a chalice from which two people can drink at the same time without spilling one drop, he and Princess will be free to marry. To their disbelief, the Silversmith created a masterpiece. He sculpted a girl with a smile as beautiful as his own true love's. Her skirt was hollowed to serve as a cup. Her raised arms held a chalice that swivels so that it could be filled and thens swung towards another.  The Silversmith and Princess joined hands in marriage and with the bridal cup set forth a memorable tradition as charming today as it was originally hundreds of years ago.

The chalice is a symbol of love. Happiness and good fortune await the couple who drink from this cup.

{summarized version}

Do you think Justin & Rachel can drink from this cup without spilling one drop??

They sure can!!!!