Justin & Miranda | Day After Session | Ochos Rios, Jamaica

True Story. Miranda, one of my 2012 brides, sends a message to me and it went like this...

"I know Jamaica is your vacation, buuuut I've always been obsessed with the trash your dress photo shoot you did with one of your brides on the beach, they were gorgeous!! Sooo I was thinking about possibly bringing my dress and asking you if you would be willing to do a trash the dress session while in Jamaica?? Let me know. But like I said I know it's vacation time for you, so don't feel obligated..."

Now, what photographer would say, NO?

Not, THIS photographer!!

So we go to Jamaica.. and yada yada yada (name that show) ... here is a glimpse of the Ah-Mazing results!

Now if you are curious to know why I was vacationing with one of my brides & her groom... simply said... they totally crashed my vacation! LOL.  I guess I'll share the whole story another time.