Josh & Susan | Raffaldini Vineyards Wedding | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

It's Wedding Season!! Josh & Susan's Raffaldini Vineyard wedding was a perfect start to my wedding season.  Despite all the rain we have had here in North Carolina, we were blessed with such beautiful weather, which made for one happy photographer. Josh & Susan's wedding was an intimate affair.  They kept their guest list small inviting only immediate family. I must say that I truly enjoyed this sweet & subtle wedding.  There was a calm undertone throughout the ceremony that carried through to the reception.  Every moment & detail was simple, yet powerful. I remember listening to the music played during the reception and I truly felt Josh & Susan's personality in their song choices.

As a photographer, I appreciate when a bride gives me all the time I need to photograph. Susan trusts me and therefore I can work at my best. I love walking away from a wedding with a true sense of accomplishment.  I know that I have captured every part of her day and that I will be giving her images that she will cherish forever.