Homemade Turkey Chili Recipe

homemade turkey chili recipe If you are like me when planning a meal you want the following:

  • simple
  • healthy
  • hearty
  • leftovers or multiple meal potential

When I discovered this Homemade Turkey Chili Recipe my life changed forever.  All of the points above are covered in this recipe. Get ready, because your life is also about to be forever changed!!

For my family of 3 we are able to eat 4 meals from this one pot.  My husband and I will eat large bowls full and my son's bowl is a small kid size.   The original recipe came from a friend as a wedding gift.  This recipe you see today has been modified to fit our liking.  For example we do not add salt to the pot.  One thing I would like to try and add in the future is flax seed.  We already include that in other meals we make, so perhaps it would be a smart addition to this one!  If you are not a turkey meat fan, let me tell you, I was not either.  Then because of research and the desire to better our health/food choices, we just made the switch, cold turkey!  (pun definitely intended) We can not tell a difference and would go as far as saying it makes the chili better!!

If you didn't already know this about me I have an obsession with food.  Some might go as far as saying it's a bit ridiculous.  I hoard food, travel with large amounts food, and overstock the pantry with a "just in case" mentality.

In my defense I am hypoglycemic.  I get the serious shakes if I do not eat every 2 hours.  So for me food is like my lifeline.

Because of my obsession and serious love for tasty meals, I will be sharing a lot more about my favorites!  Besides food is much better when shared with friends!

I hope you love this turkey chili meal as much as I do!  I'd love to hear how it goes for you or if you have your own amazing recipes!  Be sure to comment below and start the conversation.


When storing the leftovers for future meals we like to pre-divide them into the amount of meals we want.  We store the food in glass containers that can be placed in the freezer.  I have had success just heating the chili up in the microwave.  That does take quite a long time though.  I suggest pulling the chili out of the freezer in the morning, placing the glass container in cold water and allowing it to thaw throughout the day.  About an hour before dinner time it should be ready to be scooped out into a pot for reheating on the stove top.  I haven't tried this, but I bet you could take the chili out the night before, allow it to thaw some over night, and then scoop into the crockpot to reheat on low throughout the day.  Maybe? Don't hold me to that idea.

Homemade Turkey Chili Recipe

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