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Receiving testimonials from my clients is the icing on my cake (cream cheese icing, if we need to be clear.)  When I received a testimonial from Madison's mom, Kitsie, I was over the moon.  Her words exemplify why I work with High School Seniors and why I have such a passion in my work.

   "Melissa, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we are still on cloud nine from Madison’s senior portrait experience with you on Saturday.  I had high expectations seeing your work, but you far exceeded my expectations with your passion, personal touch, light atmosphere and extreme attention to detail.   Your ability to capture Madison’s distinct personality first by getting to know her and then by putting her completely at ease with your laughter and carefree style, is what has made this an unforgettable experience.  It’s such a bitter sweet time as a mom watching your little girl grow to be a young woman.  I look at this beautiful 17 year old and still see my little girl, hanging on to every last memory.  I am amazed at how natural you were able to blend the little girl giggles with the young woman she is becoming and this is the memory we will have forever!  Amber also did an amazing job of lifting her up and making her feel as beautiful as I see her every day!  I am so grateful for the experience and I cannot wait to see the pictures."

          - Kistie Goers


A few years ago when I made the decision to focus part of my business on Senior Portraits, I never knew just how much it would impact me personally.  I made the decision because my heart was in it.  There is love I have for that time in one's life.  I am not sure how to explain it, and forgive me I am not the best with writing out my thoughts.  But I will do my very best here.

I view the Senior Year as the year that culminates all the amazing things that have been accomplished from childhood to young adulthood.  This year is THE YEAR to celebrate all of the successes.  This year signifies that you've made it!

But it's more than that ...

I also view the Senior Year as the moment in time before even bigger things are going happen.  The moment before you make your way into adulthood.  The moment before you set out to live out the bigger dreams.  Often times in college you are on track for your career, you make very independent decisions, you also might meet the "love of your life."  It's a big time.  We all change so much during the college years.  We simply grow up in so many different ways.

So, in my opinion the High School Senior year, is THE YEAR.

Here is a little peek from Madison's Senior Portrait Session.




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