Our Halloween 2014 | Personal

Last years Halloween (2013) was somewhat of a tragedy.  It was the first Halloween that Noah really understood the concept (he was 3yrs old) and he had anticipated dressing up over the weeks leading up.  We were so excited because we were going to be a family of pirates! Unfortunately Noah became very sick the day before Halloween.  He had a terrible terrible fever, severe asthma, and that awful dreary look in his eyes. It was the saddest day ever for him.  We still dressed up though.  Posed for a little iPhone pic in the living room and walked next door to our neighbors for at least one little treat.

Needless to say, this year we had A LOT to make up for! We were not going to miss Halloween two years in a row.  No way. No how.

The original plan was to dress as a family of ninja turtles. But then, the month leading up to Halloween, Noah's love for super heroes amplified!  Noah had even assigned each of us a super hero title!  Jason was spiderman. I was wonder woman. Noah was superman. It was to the point where we couldn't say "mom," "dad," or "Noah."  We had to use the super hero names.  It was only necessary that we ditch the ninja turtles and go with the super heroes!

Of course we needed a photo shoot to commemorate the 2014 Halloween!! I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Meredith of Meredith-June Photography for taking time to photograph my family.  These photos are the perfect memory of Noah's best Halloween yet!!!





Halloween 2014