God's Message Loud and Clear | Personal Post

When God sends me a message he just doesn't send little hints here and there.  There aren't any mystery signs that all add up.  Nope. That is not what he will do for me. He literally hits me over the head.

I won't ever forget this particular day.  How could I?  My head was pounding and I could see stars.  Well done, God.  You got the message to me LOUD and CLEAR.

Let me fill you in.  About a year ago, I was the busiest I have ever been.  I felt like I was drowning between the work I had to do, the activities planned with my son, the day to day things in my home, etc.  I was all over the place running from one thing to the next.  That feeling of being "rushed" was just part of me at this point.  I was overwhelmed and the better part of me knew that I should slow down.  I had put so much on my plate that now I was making mistakes.  I would overlook something, lose an important piece of information or object, and I was flat out just forgetting to do the most basic things.  My organization was non-existent.  My system of post-it note reminders had become a massive clutter. No longer a help to me, but now just sticky paper in my way! It was not a pretty sight.

I have no one else to blame but myself.  I mean, I was in charge.  I'm the boss.  I created this craziness all on my own.


Well before I tell you about how God gave me a pounding headache and made me see stars, I feel like I should tell you a little more.

Easily, we can just say that I am crazy.  Who would make themselves so busy that they are falling apart. Well, I am just wired this way.  I can definitely say that is this really isn't my norm.  I don't want to exaggerate here.  For the majority, and seriously this is true, I am not running around with my head cut off.  But it seems like there is always that one month out of the year when it all blows up! Can you relate? I can't be the only one out there like this?  My astrology sign is Cancer.  So there has got to be other Cancer's out there like me?!

Perhaps now that you know I am a Cancer you can now understand me a little bit better.  I am passionate.  I am driven. I am a mover and shaker.  I invest my whole heart into what I do.  I have high expectations for myself and others around me.  Anything less than perfect is not always good enough. Plain and simple, I have high standards.  I like to think that it's one of my better traits.  After all, a lot of good has come from these standards of mine.  However we go back to this one month out of the year situation.  That is when this personality trait bites me in butt! Ha!

I guess now is a good time to bring you back to my run in with God?

So remember, I was a HOT MESS.  I was super overloaded, overcommitted, and over-it!  I had driven to my parents house to spend the the weekend.  It was late, I was exhausted and I just wanted to go to bed.  I still had to unload the car and carry in all of my bags.  Well in good old Melissa Lynn Hunt fashion, I was rushing.  My mind was not "all there."  I quickly grabbed the last bag from my trunk and in one super fast motion reached up to the door of the trunk and pulled it down.  Really fast.  So fast that I didn't even MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!  Nope.  My body stayed in the same position and that trunk door slammed right on my head!

Instant pain. Instant tears.

I stopped (Ha! Now I stop.)  I looked up at the sky without hesitation.  I shook my head, I cried, and I said " I got the message LOUD and CLEAR!"

I should've have learned my lesson too.  Why would I ever want to feel pain like that again?  But did I? Of course not.  Because I am not wired to slow down.  It's just not in my genetic makeup.

I am writing this post as almost a "vent" or "release."  I've had a few tough days recently and just felt like this post would slow me down.  I have to say it feels good to write about this.

I feel better.

Although it hurt, I am thankful for God's Message. I just hope the next message is a little less painful.


This image of Noah reminds me to chill out, relax, and just BE SILLY!!!