Girls Night Out | Camera Workshop

This past January and February I had the privilege of teaching 3 camera workshops.  They are called "Girls Night Out," and I have designed them so that we can get together in the comfort of a home, enjoy some wine, and learn more about how to operate those fancy cameras.  I teach you how to get control of three major functions so that you can operate your camera in manual mode. The idea is that you will have control over the images you produce, instead of letting the camera be in control.  Every workshop is filled with women who want to better capture their children during dance recitals, sporting events, reduce the blur in images, and overall take better quality photographs. When you operate your camera in manual mode you can conquer those issues more easily! All three workshops were a success! I had so much fun with each group of girls! My hope is that they are out there practicing and practicing.  Manual mode can be tough and practice makes perfect!

So here is a peek into our night....

I was beyond excited to welcome some awesome vendors into my Girls Night Out workshops!  All of my attendees received discounts from MPIX and MODstraps.  They also had a chance to win fabulous gifts from MPIX, CLICKIN MOMS, and MELISSA LYNN HUNT PHOTOGRAPHY!

If you are interested in hosting your own GIRLS NIGHT OUT, I’d love to talk to you!  The classes are really fun, and involve very little effort on your part!  Just gather a group of at least 6 of your friends who are interested in learning more about their cameras and I’ll do the rest.  If you don't have 6 friends, I can reach out and see who might be interested in joining us. As the host, your attendance is free. So shoot me an email and we'll put it together!!