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You may have noticed that I am relying heavily on my faith.  I have learned to trust with all of my soul and I am so glad I did.  God puts me in the places I need to be and shows me his loving heart on a daily basis.  This is true for the conversation I had with a friend last week.

My friend just so happened to be in the same place in her life.  In a matter of seconds our  "catch up with each other" conversation had turned into an inspirational "lift each other up" conversation. It was so beautiful. (God knew I needed this conversation.) As we started to chat she shared her excitement for my new desires in my business. After I thanked her I immediately shared my fears.  What my friend said to me in those few minutes, left an impact on me so much that I just had to share it with you.  

She said to me, "Just because we feel fear, doesn't mean we should be afraid."  (take a deep breath now.)

To fear judgement and criticism could mean that you don't take risks for your desires. This fear might hold you back from doing what you think is best for you.  What?! How could we let those fears stand in the way of our desires to do good and serve others.  It sounds absurd doesn't it? But so many of us allow those fears to hold us back.  There is something very wrong with this.

My friend proceeded to say, that in this moment we are doing what we were called to do.  At least we think that's our calling.  We might push forward a dream only to realize that in the end this was not for us.  But to let the fear of making a mistake hold us back would be a tragedy.  If our intentions are good, if our desires are meant for the best, then if we make a mistake we can simply grow and learn from that.  At least we can say we tried it, we did our best, we went for our goals and our passions in our heart. How can others fault us for that?  More importantly how can we fault ourselves?!

When I think honestly, I believe that we all really know all this deep down inside.  Our human nature however takes over, often pushing away our common sense. The beauty of our friendships, and relationships in general, is that we can relate with each other. We can remind each other that we are not alone.  That we should not let fear hold us back!

Maybe you are wondering about the picture above?  That just so happens to be a very cute 4 year old Jason Hunt.

When my husband and I were dating we would share childhood stories with each other, as most couples do.  One of my favorite stories he would tell is of the dirt pile.  Jason's dad would have this pile of dirt brought in and for hours he and his brother would shovel through it digging holes. The ultimate goal was to get to the bottom. Just two boys doing what they did best.

My husbands childhood story is a simple story, but it reminds me about simplicity and about doing what you love.  It's also the reminder of innocence in children.  The freedom they have to just live for the moment and do what makes them happy. At this age there is no fear of judgement or criticism.

I certainly wish that the fear of judgement and criticism didn't live inside me.  It's an awful feeling and a major mood killer.  However I am human and I have learned that it is completely normal.  I have also learned that talking about my fears with others has been the best confidence boost.  I am reminded how I am not alone.  It gives me the boost I need to keep moving forward with my dreams. I hope that this post is a boost for you!! I hope that you know that you are not alone and that whatever your dreams are, you should GO FOR THEM!!

And if you see my husband, you should definitely tell him how cute you think he was as a kid.  He loves getting that kind of attention. (hehehe. That was definitely a joke!)


Melissa Lynn Hunt, Charlotte NC Photographer, is a wife, momma to Noah and a professional photographer specializing in senior portraits.

In 2009 she left behind six years of teaching kindergarten to build her photography business.  Now 5 years later, she has a desire to serve, teach, and build genuine relationships through photography. 
Melissa's non-negotiables are morning coffee time and snuggles with Noah, exercise, Chickfila, and watching The Walking Dead with Jason Hunt.   





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