Diary of a Charlotte Bride | Dress Reveal | Charlotte NC Photographer

A few weeks ago I was blessed with the most perfect bridal shower! I wanted to go ahead and have one before the summer started and everyone got busy traveling, and I'm so glad I did because almost everyone came! My dress came in around the same time too, so I was able to have a dress reveal as part of the shower, which made it extra special. When I bought my dress, a lot of my bridesmaids and my soon to be mother-in-law couldn't be there, which almost stopped me from buying the dress! I always imagined having all my people with me when I said yes to the dress, so when the store owner mentioned having a dress reveal it completely solved the problem. I knew right then I could incorporate that into my bridal shower to make for the perfect day!
The day started at the dress boutique, Hayden Olivia Bridal... They have a beyond gorgeous bridal suite they let us use and my wonderful maids filled it with mimosas, fruit bowls, and yummy cupcakes! They, along with some very important ladies in the family, chatted while I tried on the dress. Then I got to walk into the bridal suite with my dress, my shoes, and all my jewelry... feeling like a total princess! It was so fun and everyone loved the dress! There were a few tears of joy too... mission accomplished! :) I was able to try on some veils as well, to get some family and friend opinions, because I am still to this day very undecided about the veil vs. no veil dilemma (stay tuned!!!). And if this isn't wonderful sounding enough... Mrs. Melissa Lynn Hunt herself was there to capture it all! Such a special thing to have amazing pictures of! Here are some pictures of the dress reveal, without revealing the dress of course!
After the reveal we headed to one of my favorite lunch spots in Charlotte, The Mayobird! 15 different kinds of chicken salad... what more could you want?!? My maid of honor, mom, Adam and I got to taste each one to decide which to serve at the shower... YUM!
My mom and bridesmaids thought of everything! To all you future maids out there... these are some awesome ideas! They set up a table for guests to address their own thank you card envelopes... a huge help to a busy bride! Next to that was a super cute card with questions about the bride and groom, and guests had to circle who they thought the answer was... they circled the mustache for Adam and lips for me! Questions like, "Who's dated more people?" or "Who is taller?" which are tough ones if you know Adam and I! It was fun! Then there was a Jenga game set up for guests to write fun date night ideas on the Jenga pieces. My favorite part of the shower was a game we played... it was really fun without the super bridal shower cheesiness! One bridesmaid secretly got Adam to come to her house and recorded him answering a bunch of questions like, "Where will you two retire?" and "What's your favorite meal Brooke cooks for you?" Then, at the shower they played the video and stopped it after each question was asked, and I had to guess Adam's answer. If I got it right, I got a gift card. If I got it wrong, I had to chew a piece of gum. By the end of the game... I had about 15 pieces of gum in my mouth! It was very entertaining and a really sweet way to incorporate my sweet groom! :) Of course there was a lot of eating and present opening as well, and everyone got a cute party favor of a nail polish bottle and a nail file saying "mani thanks for coming!" It was precious!
I always thought bridal showers were a little cheesey and kind of awkward before I had my own, and now I've totally changed my mind! My mom and bridesmaids did an excellent job of making it a day to remember! And the dress reveal made it different than most showers and something I will always remember with the pictures from Melissa. Brides to be... I definitely recommend having at least one big bridal shower with games and all, you'll regret it if you don't! And look into having a dress reveal too! It's just one more reason to put on the most important dress you'll ever wear! Here's some pics from the shower... Enjoy!
Melissa Lynn Hunt Charlotte NC Photographer