Diary of a Charlotte Bride | Picking a Date for the Big Day

You would think picking a wedding date when you’ve been planning your wedding since the age of 10 would be super easy… wrong! I always dreamed of getting married on my grandparents wedding anniversary, or something romantic and significant like that, but of course that would require the luck of one of those special dates falling on a Saturday. After we got engaged and I realized that luck wasn’t going to fall that way, I started thinking of a second choice. I always thought a fall, September or October wedding would be gorgeous, but when I decided to date a huge college football fan and realized he was the one, I knew I couldn’t plan a wedding in the fall if I wanted the groom to attend. We started talking about late spring and early summer, but with me being a full time student and graduating in May next year, I didn’t think wedding planning would get the time it deserved. The last thing I wanted was for school to get in the way of my wedding and my wedding to get in the way of my school. August was our next option; it seemed perfect, far enough away from school, but still before the start of football season! One problem though… August in the south is brutal! The thought of sweating in my wedding dress was just so not appealing! I started to get really frustrated being 3 months into our engagement and still not having a wedding date! Being a southern bride and a South Carolina football fan myself, I kind of understood the whole not wanting to get married on a football Saturday thing. On the other hand, I refused to plan the most important day of my life around football! We finally came to a compromise… a fall wedding, but a fall football Saturday that was a pretty meaningless game for our beloved Gamecocks, November 21st 2015. The South Carolina Gamecocks will play the Citadel in what Adam calls a “cupcake” game, hopefully at noon, and we will be married in the early evening with no football interference! I can’t wait!

I’m sure some people find the fact that football being a determining factor in picking our wedding date extremely silly, and trust me I did too! But if you think about it, it does make sense for that to be taken into consideration. Adam and I are at the age where we feel like we’re invited to weddings every other weekend, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard friends complain about missing a big game for a wedding, or even worse, watching the game under the table or church pew! I just didn’t want to compete with that! All eyes on us please!! I’m not willing to share this day with any other Gamecock other than my adoring fiancé! So it’s definitely something to consider.

I also love that our date is in November! Wedding season is considered April to September, and I like the idea of being different. Another pro, everything is cheaper! The least common month for weddings is January, and November is second; this makes it easy to book vendors, the cost goes down and I feel like everyone is in need of a good party to go to by the time November rolls around. Also, the flowers are gorgeous! We will be incorporating a lot of pinecones, wheatgrass and cranberries! Our wedding will be the Saturday before Thanksgiving next year, and I can’t think of a better way to show my thanks for Adam than saying “I do” and our thanks to our friends and family by inviting them to what I think will be the party of the year! (:

If you’re thinking about planning an “off season” wedding, go to Pinterest and check out some of the awesome ideas and you can find all sorts of benefits to having a late fall or winter wedding. I just think it sounds so snuggly and perfect! Here is one thing I found when trying to make the decision myself, and it really helped! The dress accessory ideas alone are so worth it! Bring on the fur, cardigans and cute flannel button downs! Check them out here.

So Save The Date!!! 11.21.15 (:


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