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Happy New Year!!! YAY It's finally the year of our wedding!!! A great way to kick off the new year is staying organized! I don't  know about yall, but I was given so many bridal magazines and books when we got engaged and while it was so exciting, it was a bit over whelming! It can be so hard to nail down your wedding vision with so many ideas out there! And don't even get me started on Pinterest! It's an obsession of mine, don't get me wrong, but it can also send you in 500 different directions, not knowing which one is right for you and your wedding. So in the new year, and starting the 7th month of our engagement, I'm determined to stay organized in my wedding planning and not let it pile on me and become stressful. Those who know me know I stress easily, but planning what's supposed to be the happiest day of your life isn't supposed to be anything but fun and exciting and I'm doing everything I can to keep it that way! Call it a new year resolution I guess! Here are some organization tips I've learned over the past 7 months and will most definitely be practicing in 2015... 1. Buy a wedding organizer! I know a lot of brides say they bought one and it wasn't worth it, or they didn't use half the stuff in it, and I can see that, but it's nice to have a place for all your wedding stuff. At the very least make you own! I bought mine the day after we got engaged, being an organization freak, I couldn't wait and it's been really helpful! Mine is from The Knot and came with sections on engagement timeline, budgeting, questions to ask while interviewing planners, photographers, florist, venues, etc... all of which I found very helpful! It also came with a color matching palette to show which colors go best together, information sheets to fill in contact information for all your main wedding players, and clear business card sleeves to store all the business cards you pick up along the way. I got mine at Barnes and Nobles for $29.99, but you can typically find it cheaper on Amazon. Here's some pictures...


image-22. Now what to do with all those magazines you couldn't help but buy every time you went to the grocery store? I seriously have over 30! I went through them and cut out the things I liked in each magazine and placed it in a clear sleeve under the corresponding section in my wedding organizer. This is a huge help! Now I'm able to only look at the things I like and not be overwhelmed by the entire magazine and question what I think I want by constantly seeing the sea of ideas! It was also great to have it all in one place when I went to shop for my dress, or met with the florist!

image-33. Best idea yet... utilize Pinterest! Every pinner knows Pinterest is the best place for wedding ideas, but it's hard not to get pinning happy and pin every thing you see! I divided up my boards when we got engaged. I made a board for my florist, one for my photographer, and one for my cake maker, and as things started to fall into place I went back and deleted the pins that were no longer fitting into my wedding vision. You can then share your board and your pins with your vendors, so they have a better idea of your style and what you like without having to blow up their phone every time you see a pin you're obsessing over. This is still a work in progress for me, something I hope to keep up in the new year!

4. Last organizing tip... make spread sheets as soon as possible! This is my groom's job as he is an excel genius and I'll admit I barely know how to open it. We started an address spreadsheet as soon as possible, because collecting 200 plus addresses is such a daunting task! Then we created a budget spreadsheet and listed everything we've paid for thus far and who has paid for what. This way we know where every single penny has gone, and there's no surprises at the end of it all! Very Important!

Hope this helps! Happy wedding planning organizing and happy wedding year to all the 2015 brides!!! :)


Your Diary of a Charlotte Bride,