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Let the introduction of the wedding party continue! To have kids in your wedding, or to not have kids in your wedding? I’ve come to realize this is such a huge debate in the wedding planning world! When Adam and I were searching for ceremony venues and looking into churches to join, I was shocked at how many didn’t allow children in the wedding party. The reason behind it was that they could ruin the moment by running down the isle, crying, or talking at the alter. I mean I guess they can be a little unpredictable, but isn’t that why they’re so great?!? For me, this was never something I was swaying back and forth on. Kids have been a massive part of my life, from my babysitting days that began at age 14 to my everyday in the present working with children with special needs as an occupational therapy assistant student… So I couldn’t imagine my favorite kiddos in life not being a part of my big day! Adam and I have a flower girl, a ring barer and 2 junior bridesmaids.
Miss Emma is my step sister Heather’s daughter who I’ve never thought of as anything less than my true niece! She’s 11 years old and one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. What’s so great about this girly is she has a heart of gold and hasn’t and never will fall victim to all the negativity surrounding our young women these days. This kid is going places, and we are thrilled that she will be part of our big day!
Miss Madison is Adam’s niece, the daughter of his oldest brother Scott. She’s 8 years old and has a spunky fun personality that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing! She’s a fashionista who will no doubt be dressing the stars one day and she’s the best selfie partner! Adam and I know she will be nothing short of a princess standing next to us on our big day!
Now what will these two lovelys be wearing on the big day? Of course I went to Etsy! Do you guys see the obsession yet?? They will be rocking long ivory tulle skirts and brown cardigans. We haven’t ordered them yet, I think we will be waiting a while since these are growing girls! But we have ordered and received their super cute accessories! A silver and olive green headband, pearl necklace and bracelet set! Here’s a picture of that and the skirt we will be ordering for them….
Click here for the Easy shop that's responsible for these cute accessories!
And I asked them to be our junior bridesmaids in a pretty cute way as well… I found these cards on Etsy and they loved them!
Click here for the shop where I found them!
Moving on to my flower girl… the love of my life Miss Josephine, who also goes by Jo. I started nannying for Jo over 2 years ago when she was just 5 months old and it was love at first sight between her and I and me and her momma, Nina, who is a bridesmaid. Jo and I have spent so much time together and built a very special connection. Her smile and cuddles fill my heart and Adam's as well and it was never in question that she would be our flower girl. She’s been studying too… watching YouTube videos of what flower girls do everyday!
She is going to be SO cute in this fur vest (Old Navy yall… no joke!) and ivory tulle tutu with the same accessories as the junior bridesmaids.
I’m planning on ordering both the skirts and Jo's tutu from this shop. 
Lastly, the totally irresistible Brady will be our ring barer. He is my 2 and a half year old nephew, son of my oldest brother Beau and a complete cute as can be mess! He’s into everything and sure to do something super cute as he makes his way down the isle. He keeps our entire family laughing and those dimples are everything!
We haven’t found an outfit for this little stinker yet, but we’re thinking something with little man suspenders is a must! He will also be rocking this cute accessory…
Click here for the Etsy shop where I found it!
I love these kids and although putting them in the wedding might not be everyones cup of tea, I couldn’t imagine them not being a part of our wedding day! And the overwhelming cuteness doesn't stop here.... We have some other really important little ones in our life that will be given big jobs on the wedding day... jobs that I think a lot of brides forget to dish out in the hussle and bussle of it all, and who better to step in than some more of the sweet babies in my life! Stay tuned for that!
Your Diary of a Charlotte Bride,
Melissa Lynn Hunt Charlotte NC Photographer