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Picking out wedding colors is something I was most excited about! Once my color palette came together it finally felt real! But finalizing the colors wasn't as easy as I thought it would be... there's so many different directions you can go! I started with the time of year we decided on... late November, the start of the holiday season... and I knew I wanted to play that up as much as possible without it getting tacky of course! I loved sparkle during the holidays and my mind immediately went to gold because it makes me think of Thanksgiving. Also, Myers Park Country club, where we're having the reception, has a lot of gold accents in their grand ballroom. But my my warm gold sparkly vision kind of came to a halt when I found my dress... there's so much silver in it I didn't think having gold as one of my colors would work. Don't get me wrong, I love a good gold and silver combo when it comes to jewelry!! But I just wasn't feeling it for the wedding, so that's when I decided silver would be best for my sparkle! Then I went to my color inspiration in my wedding organizer for help on the main color palette. It was helpful to see it out on paper in front of me. You can look up great color matches on Pinterest also, but that was overwhelming for me and I kept falling in love with pins that were out of season for our wedding and seeing how I'm the most indecisive person in the world, the last thing I needed was something making me question the final wedding date again! So the color inspiration in my binder was perfect! And if you don't have something like this, a neat trick is also using paint swatches from Home Depot or Lowes to play around with! It's so helpful being able to move them around and add in accent colors and try different ideas! But in my binder, each color tab was labeled with a number on the back and had the numbers of the other tabs that went well with it to give you ideas of how it would all come together. Check it out...


Another suggestion would be to go with the style that defines both you and your groom. Play up your passions and the colors you think describe your personalities. Adam and I have moved a lot in the last 2 years, which means a lot of decorating new homes and we love the warm earthy colors. We call our style "anthropologie-esque!" Side note... Isn't it great that Adam also loves to decorate with me?!? He's the best!! Anyway... so with that in mind, we decided we wanted our wedding to have a rustic, warm, earthy vibe with a touch of holiday sparkle! And honestly, even with all of this figured out, what truly was the determining factor for our wedding colors was the bridesmaid dresses. I actually picked them first and that helped my color vision come together and I fell in love with it all! So teaser alert... stay tuned for the bridesmaid dress reveal!! Ahhh they're GORG!!! So without further adieu... the wedding palette is... a plum purple, an olive green, and a dark teal with silver sparkle and mustard yellow and carmel colors as accents. Love it!!! :)



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