Diary of a Charlotte Bride | He asked I said Yes

What girl doesn't dream of the moment the love of her life proposes to her?! I know I did... Since probably the age of 10! I always thought I'd want this big dramatic proposal... I tend to enjoy being the center of attention at times! But when the time finally came... It was so private and intimate and absolutely perfectly perfect!! Adam and I had been dating for 3 and a half years before he proposed, and with us both being in our late twenties watching friends get married what seemed like every other weekend, popping the question was a common topic in our household. We had looked at engagement rings a few times, knew we wanted a big wedding, and 3 kids with a white picket fence, so the big question was always in the back of my head!

The first week in June he asked if I could be off work a little early on Friday afternoon so we could go on a surprise date night. Of course I was excited, but didn't think much of it because Adam is somewhat of a hopeless romantic and did things like this rather often. It crossed my mind that this could be the moment I was waiting for, but I didn't get too caught up in it, and my boss, who is one of my closest friends and a bridesmaid, was working extra hard to throw me off (she was in on everything!). She had me convinced that he was going to ask on an upcoming summer vacation! So I got home that Friday night, checked the mail and opened the front door, having a minor freak out when the dog wasn't at my feet jumping up my leg, and looked up to find a living room covered in rose petals and candles, with Christmas lights lining the windows and beautiful tissue paper balls hanging from the ceiling (courtesy of my very crafty mom). I was of course in shock and still not quite sure what was happening. Then Adam comes from around the corner, looking oh so dapper, and asked me how my day was. I hugged him and said it was great and I could immediately feel him shaking, then I definitely knew that this was it! He looked at me, got down on one knee, and said, "I'd like to make your day even better." Followed by lots of other sweet things (of course I can't share everything!) and asked me to spend forever with him holding up a beyond gorgeous ring! I obviously said yes and was so overwhelmed with happiness! The night continued with a fabulous dinner just the two of us, and a visit to mom's house to show off the ring.

FirstPicEngagedFirst Picture as an engaged couple!


 Our amazing dessert from the chef at Brio in South Charlotte, highly recommended!


The ring!!! It's a cushion cut diamond with a halo and double band from Diamonds Direct… He picked it out all by himself! He did good didn't he?!?

The next day his parents came into town for a visit we'd had planned for a while and we made dinner reservations at one of our favorite spots. On our way to dinner we decided to get some drinks first and stopped at the place Adam and I first met. Little did I know it would be full of all our friends and family for a surprise engagement party! To this day I still have no idea how he pulled this off! Engagement parties are so fun! I definitely suggest it! There's nothing more exciting than having all your loved ones share the joys of being engaged! Here are some pictures from the surprise party...


 Us with the fame from mom, me with my new Mrs. shirt, and the cake

In closing, I'd like to share my first bride crafting idea! If rose pedals were involved in your proposal like they were in mine and they just seem too special to throw out... Here's a fun craft to do to keep them in your life forever! Plus, who doesn't LOVE a good craft idea?!


How To: -Set out your rose pedals to dry, mine took about one week. -Crush them with a rolling pin, or something like a wine bottle. -Buy a small canvas, I got this 9”Wx12”H burlap one at Michaels for $11.99. -Buy some craft glue, I got all purpose Elmer's glue at Michaels for about $3.99. -Outline the letter of your soon to be new last name with the glue, even if it ends up drying before you're done it's still a good outline and starting point. -In small sections, a little at a time, apply glue and sprinkle the crushed pedals on top. Repeat until letter is covered. -After doing each section, turn canvas over and shake off extra pedals. -Go back and apply more glue and pedals in any open spaces until completely covered. (I'd wear gloves, the color of the pedals came off on my fingers and definitely lay down some newspaper before starting, it can be messy!)

Now those rose pedals didn't go to waste and you have created your very first accessory with your soon to be new initial! How cool is that?!

Until next time....

Your (crafty) Diary of a Charlotte Bride,