Diary of a Bride | Say Yes to the Dress | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

I don’t know about other brides but picking my wedding dress feels like the greatest decision of the whole day.  I think the dress is the most dreamed about element of a wedding- at least I know it has been for me. It is supposed to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world!  What pressure! About 6 months before our engagement I knew we were getting closer to taking that step and began to reach for Bride magazine instead of People in the nail salon.  I quickly got an idea of the style of dresses that I was and not drawn to. I did more and more research to focus my search.

When the time came to actually shop for the dress (for me, 2 weeks after getting engaged….I seriously could not wait!)  I had a very clear picture of what I wanted. My roommates from college and I were all in Charleston the same weekend, so we made appointments at 2 boutiques and had so much fun!  I went into the appointments very nervous because I felt so much pressure to find the perfect dress and, having watched Say Yes to the Dress, was not looking forward to differing opinions! Luckily, my friends are the sweetest and provided their input in the most helpful and constructive way.

The first two appointments were more about narrowing down what I was looking for than walking away with a dress. I tried on some beautiful gowns, and even fell in love with one of them, but I knew I wanted to have my mom there to help me choose the actual one.  I did get great advice from the owner of one of the stores- she told me not to try too many dresses on, because she has seen girls get overwhelmed, then frustrated and just end up settling on one to get it over with, ultimately making themselves unhappy.

Wayyyy back in the nail salon I had come across a lace dress, with a keyhole back by Allure that  I could not get out of my mind.

I saw that Allure was having a trunk show at New York Bride in Charlotte and knew I had to go. My mom, aunt, and cousin ended up being able to come and when I tried on one of Allure’s dresses that was extremely similar to the one pictured I did not love it as much as I thought I would. It was such a weird moment because I felt like I was holding out for this dress and it was just not the one. I tried on a couple more after it and finally I found the one I was completely in love with. I remembered what the woman in Charleston had told me and decided this was the end of my dress shopping. I could not be happier or more excited about my final decision and 4 months later still sneak peeks on my phone of it whenever I have a spare moment.