Diary of a Bride | Paper Source Wedding Invitations | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

With just over 9 months to go until we say “I do” it is starting to feel more real! I decided to start thinking about invitations now, since I have the time during the summer. A few months ago I had found a small stationary store in North Carolina with great reviews. Their invitations are very traditional, which was perfect for me. My style and taste tends to be simple and understated so I was happy using them until I talked to one of my girlfriends. She had recently made all of the invitations for her younger sister’s wedding and couldn’t stop talking about how fun it was to incorporate the wedding colors, pick everything out, etc. She convinced me to go to Paper Source with her to look and I am so happy I did! Paper Source has an AMAZING selection of paper and envelopes in just about every color you can think of. Here's a quick glimpse inside the store:


After seeing all of the options I had a change of heart and wanted to incorporate my wedding colors into my invitations. We looked through the books and this invitation jumped out at me as inspiration for the look I was going for.

I love how clean and simple this is, while still incorporating color. I won’t show you everything I picked out and how we designed them until the actual invitations are mailed out, but what are your thoughts?